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Justin Timberlake Is Frontrunner To Perform At 2018 Super Bowl Halftime

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Justin Timberlake is Frontrunner to Perform at 2018 Super Bowl Halftime

We all love Justin Timberlake’s smooth dance moves and his catchy music. The once curly-haired boyband superstar has cemented his reputation as an excellent pop artist and actor since 2004 and before that.

Why do I bring up 2004 when we are talking about February’s 2018 Super Bowl? Who can forget “Nipplegate”? At that Houston Super Bowl halftime show, Timberlake infamously ripped Janet Jackson’s top off in a wardrobe malfunction stunt that went very wrong on live TV around the world. The performance not only surprised those watching, but also led to a change in rules regarding the broadcast of the Super Bowl.

Since the 2004 mishap, the Federal Communication Commission has implemented a five-second delay for all Super Bowl halftime shows on objectionable broadcast material and it served as a launching pad for a fledgling site known as YouTube. Admit it, how many times did you watch that video just to see the look on both their faces, priceless!

JT Bringing Sexy Back… Again!

It looks like JT is making a comeback. The former boybander and Sexy Back hitmaker is reportedly in the final stages of making the deal to headline the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. Sources also told Variety that Timberlake is expected to release a new album at the beginning of 2018, which would make the Super Bowl timing ideal for promotion.

Jay-Z was also reportedly offered the spot but it is not surprising he turned down the NFL’s offer, with the league’s current controversy of players refusing to stand during the playing of the national anthem in protest to police brutality incidents around the country.

JT is currently in the recording studio working on his fifth album. With halftime show viewership consistently exceeding 100 million, it would be a huge forum for the ten-time Grammy winner to promote his new album. Though Timberlake is known for his collaborations over the years, US Weekly source claims that “as of right now, it will just be Justin, no surprise performers.”

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Since halftime performers are not paid and actually have to pay to play the Super Bowl, the timing of Timberlake accepting the appearance makes sense. I am sure he will perform selected tracks off his new album, having a paramount promotional opportunity at the halftime show. Hopefully “nipplegate” will then be forgiven and just a bad memory for him. Lol!

Card One: Three of Swords (Inverted)

Sadness and melancholy over a situation or person. Pulled inverted, I feel that Timberlake does not feel responsible for what happened in 2004. His point of view is, it was just an accident and way too much was made of it. All fine for you JT but it is Jackson that took all the heat on her career for it.

Three of Swords (Inverted)

Card Two: Seven of Pentacles (Inverted)

Watching your project finally growing into fruition. Since inverted, this may show that Timberlake has been a little weak in his career of late, so the Super Bowl performance is a good move.

Seven of Pentacles (Inverted)

Card Three: The Hermit (Inverted)

Going within to sort things out and sometimes feeling isolated and alone. What this card tells me about Timberlake is he may not be a deep thinker and does not enjoy alone time.

The Hermit (Inverted)

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