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Justin Timberlake, what have you done?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake, what have you done?

Well, it is a bit of old news at this stage, that Justin Timberlake did what he was not supposed to do and take a selfie in a voting booth. Now personally, if it doesn’t show his vote which may influence his fans I don’t see the problem. But then I’m not the law. He did manage to have a bit of a laugh about it on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last Wednesday, October 26th.

Well, Justin What have you to say for yourself?
Well let’s see, you didn’t drive over someone’s cat or dog. You didn’t harm anyone or take any illegal substances, and you didn’t steal anything. That’s a lot of bad things you didn’t do. You did however, take a photo of your own face with a cheeky grin facing a screen with nothing of any value on it. Quite rightly encouraging people to vote. So, that’s all good in my books

Knight of Cups
This is your card Justin, it’s the man with a good heart. Often the clown, but dependable and noble. In fact, you may have done the voting system a great service. As there are those out there today who believe not voting is the cool thing to do. But by not voting, they fix nothing. Having someone of your status show them that you take your duty seriously (well apart from the photo) could work to motivate them.

Anyone with a bit of IQ and eyesight can see the screen is blank. There is nothing there to say which way you voted. Only that you did vote. Your message was a much-needed one. Get out and vote no matter who you are. People today tend to forget that not too long ago, most of them would not be allowed to vote based on gender or colour. Your message may have made a difference.

Queen of Swords
Yep, you can be sure there will be some who are not happy with what you did. That’s because it’s written somewhere. Well, I can understand why it is illegal, but in this case, no harm was done. No information was released to the public other than the message to vote. As the Queen of Swords says. Let justice be done.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well if you had stood on stage and made a statement to vote they would say you were paid by one party or another party, but you chose to do it as a normal member of the public, doing what a normal member of the public should do. You voted for what you believe was in the best interest of your country. If justice is served, and it should be served, then this will fade away into history, but a message once received, will never be forgotten. Perhaps you made a difference to someone. The year is closing and a new one ready to begin. The month of May in 2017 holds some important contracts to be signed. Read the small print, but the energy around this is good.


Justin Timberlake what have you done.. ( voting booth photo)

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