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Kaley Cuoco – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco – Weekly Celebrity Horoscope

Happy 31st Birthday Kaley Cuoco! The American actress has appeared in many series, including Charmed, The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules. She is normally associated with her roles, however not many know about her real personality.

Let`s have a look at her birth chart to see what other charms she has.

Kaley is friendly and cheerful, she always has a kind word for everyone. However, she can lose her temper quickly and easily. Although she doesn`t hold a grudge, and makes up for it with her generosity. She loves a bit of adventure, exploring new territories is a must for her. She loves travelling, and she knows what she wants. She is independent and strong-willed, yet she doesn`t necessarily dominate conversations. This makes her a good listener, but her advice can be one-sided. There is always a need to participate in things actively.
Now let`s see what the stars and planets have in store for her for the following seven days:

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Weekly Love Horoscope: You enjoy life to the fullest, and this week won`t be different, either. You are in a good mood, and you want to share it with your loved ones. You are attracted to strong and powerful people, and you tend to surround yourself with them. This will bring a feeling of security, while you maintain your freedom.

Weekly Carrier Horoscope: You won`t leave anything to chance this time. Although you are looking for new challenges, you consider every aspect before you leap. Exceptional mental clarity can describe your this week. You feel as if every hidden secret was suddenly revealed to you. You can see the possibilities for what they are. It isn`t a time for decisions yet, but rather careful observation and calculations.

Weekly Leisure Horoscope:
Caution is key when it comes to exercise this week. Try to avoid heavy lifting and anything that has to do with machinery. Recklessness can cause minor accidents, so try to stay calm. This isn`t the time to try out new thing in the gym or go rock-climbing! Despite your adventurous nature, choose something more relaxing this time.

Weekly Health Horoscope: You are going through a lot of changes right now. They can affect your overall wellbeing and health. Minor headaches and discomfort is possible. Try to take as much rest as possible, and this will go away. You have been working too hard lately, you are allowed to take rest. You need to make sure that your mood doesn`t change due to these annoying factors.

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