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Kanye West loves ‘Renaissance’ Kim… for her heart!

Kim Kanye Selfie

Kanye West loves ‘Renaissance’ Kim… for her heart!

Aww, how sweet it is that Kanye still loves Kim after all this time! And how he loves beauty, and nudity… and now Kanye is comparing Kim’s nude selfies to that of a Renaissance painting. His favorite part of Kim? Her heart! By his own admission, Kanye is not a great thinker, in fact, he says that he does not like to think at all. He considers himself to have a mental age of 14 and 60 years old respectively, no more, no less and nothing in between! Evidently Kanye is a visual guy who would not wish to rouse bodily insecurities in Kim. As if! She has revealed that Kanye has recently started to pay her compliments so she knows that she is looking better. Well done Kim for keeping up with a healthy self-esteem.

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did we draw for the ‘Renaissance couple?’ We have the Nine of Swords, the Queen of Wands and the Star. The Nine of Swords is associated with one’s personal demons; the fear? Loss of reputation, false friends and a general feeling of unease. This couple live their truth and are not afraid of confronting their demons. The Queen of Wands, magnetic, confident authority figure. One of the common factors in this relationship is the mutual adoration of ‘Queen Kim’ whose charismatic self-expression is seldom opposed, The Star shows that they both follow their own star in the best way that they know. The Star follows the Tower in the major arcana and tells of the calm after the chaos and the belief that dreams do come true. This is one couple on the rise!

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