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Kanye West still living the dream


Kanye West still living the dream.

Kanye West has recently admitted that he wanted to prove himself worthy of Kim Kardashian. The now happily married 39-year-old has revealed that before they got together, he secretly hoped Kim would notice him. Well, notice him she did!

In fact, Kim has recently been seen wearing a barely-there dress at Kanye’s ‘not so secret’ art exhibition from his ‘Famous’ music video.

Kanye is currently wowing fans on the Saint Pablo tour. He has said that he wants his fans to have the best time ever, and he evidently does not disappoint. This is one guy whose passions for life knows no bounds. Even criticism for the over priced garments in his clothing range does not dampen his spirit. Not only does he disagree with any criticism, he compares his clothing range to works of art.

This is a guy will many projects on the go. Clearly, his wife Kim is there to support him in all of his endeavors.  Dedication in its truest form.

Véronique’s Verdict

Kanye drew the Princess of Pentacles, the Princess of Hearts and the Eight of Swords. Kanye has not choice but to speak his truth. The princess of pentacles shows that he wants everything for himself and his loved ones and is not afraid to work hard in order to receive. There is much more for him to accomplish and he will do what is necessary in order to make his plan real. The princess of hearts is Kanye’s sensitive side, he is not afraid of exploring his creativity and putting his best work out there for all to enjoy. The eight of swords shows Kanye’s focus on the bigger picture. I feel that he will continue to be guided by a higher force and make the best choices for himself and within his work life. He will continue to have faith in himself and his right to do what he believes to be necessary within his world.


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