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Kanye West wants to work from his hospital bed

Kanye West Hospital

Kanye West wants to work from his hospital bed

A deeply troubled Kanye West has said he wants to work from his hospital bed, but Kim Kardashian says no. The troubled performer had a meltdown a few weeks ago, having to cancel his world tour after being totally exhausted through work commitments. He also received a lot of backlash when he slated fellow performer Beyoncé for her lack of loyalty to him. It was obvious to all at this stage that something was not quite right in the life of Kanye West. Most people were only waiting to hear the outcome. Sadly, what it led to, was a stay in the hospital for the troubled rapper.


To Kanye:

First, let us wish you a speedy recovery from all here at the 7th Sense Psychic line. Mental and physical exhaustion is a curse of the modern age. In years gone by, people were used to waiting on things. Perfection took time and breaks and holidays were all an important part of your daily life. Unfortunately, in this electronic age, people are expected to keep up with machines. We have become accustomed to the speed and everything at our fingertips when we want it and how we want it. People are not machines and mental and physical exhaustion are becoming more common worldwide. People need to learn to stop and other people need to learn to wait. Let’s leave the work where it is for now. Rest is the best.


As we have only done a reading for you recently. I will draw one power card today.

The Card chosen is the Two of Swords:

This card is about balancing stress. Everyone has stress in their lives to some level. The power that you give it will make all the difference in how it affects you. My fellow psychic Timea recently did an article on meditation which you can find on our website. This is a wonderful way of grounding yourself and helping your mind and body to heal. Meditation can be done in many ways, but its basic goal is to remind you that all of this is temporary. We are all a part of something much greater “The Universe”.


Connecting with the Soul: Finding your soul is the key to losing the stress of life. Once you become aware of your mortality and your connection with the universe, then it is easier to let go. Meditation allows you to release worries and material things, even if only for a while. It can become that safe place we all need to retreat to when things go wrong. A wise old woman once told me when I was having a teenage meltdown through stress “100 years from now, who is going to care?”. She put things in perspective for me in that one short sentence and I have carried it with me since. Get well Soon Kayne and return to what you do well, but only when your mind and body are ready.



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