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Life goes on for the Kardashians after the attack – or does it?


Life goes on for the Kardashians after the attack – or does it?

Life always goes on for the Kardashians ; no matter what scenarios keep playing in one`s mind. What happened is in the past, and all the prying eyes and outside world cares about is new gossip, and what happens next. People quickly forget what celebrities have to go through, ignoring the fact that they are also humans, and have to deal with traumatic events the same way as anybody else does.

This is especially true in Kim Kardashian`s case. It has only been a week since she was attacked by armed masked men in her rented Paris apartment, but it is already clear that the famous celebrity has been very quiet since the incident. As Khloe said during an interview on Tuesday, Kim “isn`t doing that well”. But as much as it is sad, this news is going to fade soon. The focus is already beginning to shift, the fans concentrating on the new life that will soon be welcomed to the Kardashian family. But where does this leave Kim?

Although she of course still has everyone`s support, she just doesn`t seem to be herself since the incident. But again, one could argue how much time is needed to recover after such a traumatic event. And, just like in any other family, the way Kim feels doesn`t stop others from living their own lives, as much as they love Kim. And nothing says that they should, but for Kim, the most difficult times might just be ahead. She might not be able to fully participate in her brother`s celebration, although the siblings are all very close.

This may as well effect the whole family, forcing them to make major adjustments and changes in their lifestyle, including more security. Not being able to feel safe is something that nobody should have to experience, and is certainly going to remain a major concern for Kim, long after her story is forgotten by others. But how will she finally get through this? Let`s see what the cards suggest for her.


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Six of Cups: There is a need to gain new memories, mostly happy ones, and the arrival of Rob`s child might just do the trick, taking Kim`s mind off her predicament. Her life is definitely taking a new direction, and she will have to go along with it sooner or later, letting the past go and concentrating on the future instead.

Seven of Wands: It seems like nearly superhuman effort is needed to get over the past, and very challenging times are ahead, if Kim manages to make a decision to move on with her life, she will come out much stronger when this is all over. She has been worried about her family for so long, now it`s time she takes care of herself.

The Lovers: As time passes, her heart and soul will fully heal, with the help of her family, including her partner and kids. The new baby will bring back happy memories for her as well, so that with time the bad ones will be overruled, if not completely replaced by joy and happiness.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Kim!


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