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Is Karma Knocking on the Door of Ann Coulter ?

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Is Karma Knocking on the Door of Ann Coulter ?

The name Ann Coulter can spark different reactions from different people. She is outspoken about her opinions, but they appear to lack a certain in-depth knowledge of the human aspect of her views. She comes with qualifications and is recorded as having studied history. Well, you would think she would be taking the lessons that history has thought the world and ensuring that do not repeat themselves. Instead of coming out with comments that belong back in the dark ages. She has chosen to rise to the top being controversial, and waving her religious views ahead of her like a flag. Surely if history has thought her anything, it is that where religion is mixed with politics, there is always trouble.

This week, Comedians were lined up in Comedy Central’s roast to have a swipe at Rob Lowe, instead ended up turning the tables on Ann Coulter. Nothing was out of reach as Karma allowed her a little taste of what it’s like to be on the receiving end. It would appear she wasn’t expecting to be at the receiving end of the jokes, but let’s face it if you’re going to step on people’s toes one day they are going to kick back. Ann Coulter has been very outspoken on many things which don’t affect her personally. Things such as abortion, to our knowledge she has not had one, but feels justified in telling other women what decision they should make in a crisis.

Gay Marriage, unless she has a girlfriend we don’t know off, how can she have an opinion on the love life of a couple she is not involved with? Immigration, her life is comfortable now, but that’s all down to some immigrants who once stood on American soil for the first time. Most likely bewildered and lost and having to struggle to be accepted and set down roots. The Jewish Community, who she said should be “Perfected” in other words converted to Christianity. Having grown up in a Christian background, I can tell you those views are nothing about religion and all about ego.

Some people use their belief for good, and others use it for evil. Karma always delivers back what you give out. Some of the insults hurled at her during the show, were well below the belt as they would say in the boxing arena. But what you sow in this life you will one day reap. So be sure you sow good seeds because the bitterness, hate, and self-righteousness are not the way to the light. Ann needs to look back at her heritage to see the error of her ways. Irish -German. Two countries who suffered greatly over strong religious views brought into politics. She proves one thing. Classrooms don’t make intelligent people, life does.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the Cards reveal About you, Ann Coulter?
The Seven of Wands shows that you Ann have had many a lucky break when it comes to opportunity. Far greater than the average person. It’s true that you worked for your qualifications, but many others also did and didn’t climb as high as fast. The moral high ground has been your ladder. Faith should never be used as a sword, as it is a double ended one. Judgement will be placed upon those who judge.

The King of Coins shows that financially you are privileged and should remember this when you make a judgement. Remembering: “There but for the grace of God go I.” if you forget this, he may just decide to remind you.

The King of Swords points to your method of taking the moral high ground and using the name of God to do this. Refer to your history books, and remember the mistakes of the past. If you wish to change the world, start with the person in the mirror.


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