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Kate Hudson. Is she the perfect ex?

kate hudson

Kate Hudson. Is she the perfect ex?

The 37-year-old actress has opened up about her love life in a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine. The daughter of actress Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson went on to achieve fame in her own right through her acting career. Kate’s parents divorced in 1980 and Goldie went on to form a relationship with actor Kurt Russell in 1983. They’ve been together ever since.
Kate has learned about relationships the hard way and this has assisted her in managing her own love life which she says is out of bounds to the public. Quite simply because she is a mother. What child wants to read all about their mother’s love life. Quite right Kate!
It’s no secret that Kate was married to The Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson. They have a 12-year-old son together. She went on to have a relationship with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy resulting in her 5-year-old son. She has said that people can be quick to point the finger when relationships don’t work out, believing that if you take responsibility for your own part within each relationship, there’s a greater chance of maintaining a positive connection moving forward. Acting in this dignified manner means you grow up and therefore act like a grown up. Kate says this is something that a lot of people do not seem to want to do.
And so the secret of maintaining that positive connection is forgiveness. A process that allows us to let go of negative emotions following a relationship break up. Essentially, we should wish the best for that person. A healthy attitude from an emotionally healthy lady. Is Kate Hudson the perfect ex?


Véronique’s Verdict


Kate drew the Chariot, the Nine of Hearts and the Prince of Wands. I feel that Kate has worked hard to maintain the positive relationship’s she has with her ex’s.

The Chariot shows Kate’s energies being harnessed in a controlled manner, she has enlisted the support of those around her and attempted to remove the emotion from the past separations and in the long term this will serve her well.
The Nine of Hearts says that Kate has achieved what she set out to achieve emotionally. In choosing to forgive she has allowed herself to move forward without the emotional baggage that many people seem unable to discard.


The Prince of Wands reveals a fun and unpredictable energy around Kate. She has experienced many changes in her personal life and career and I feel that this will continue in the future. Kate will allow herself to become involved romantically in the future, can we expect a love interest to reveal himself before the end of the year? I don’t think Kate would consider herself to be the perfect ex, but judging by her past actions and present fun attitude I would say that she comes pretty close. Kate Hudson, we salute you!

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