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Kate Upton loves being engaged.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton loves being engaged.

Kate Upton has revealed that is a lot of fun being engaged to Justin Verlander. Well, I suppose if it wasn’t it would be time to hand back the ring and move on. Seriously, she and her fiancé have spent the year building their home together. This is the kind of thing that will normally will expose the cracks in a relationship. In Kate and Justin’s situation, it has just proved to them that they have made the right choice. After a year of high-profile messy divorces, it is refreshing to see young love blossom just before the year draws to an end.

To Kate:
Congratulations on your new life. I’m sure it will lead to wonderful things in the future, as at this moment you are at the learning stage. In the beginning of a relationship, all emotions are high and it’s easy to run with the good feeling and believe this is it. You and Justin have taken it to the next level with great success. If you can summer and winter each other under the same roof, then I have every faith in you making it to the altar with a smile.

Why not ask the cards what they think Kate?

The Four of Cups:
This is the card of wonderful emotional balance. Here is the fuel for the journey the two of you are about to start out on. Four is the number of balance as it is the number of legs on a chair to keep the chair balanced. Don’t underestimate its importance. If you try to knock a chair over, it is much harder when there are four legs on it. Also, nothing can rock your relationship when you stand united.

The Death Card:
Don’t panic. It’s one of the best cards in the deck, especially for a young couple starting out. This card talks about a new beginning. The life you both knew is no longer viable. A new life has begun. This is the perfect card to get as you start out on your journey. It talks about new horizons and endless possibilities. A clean new slate and a journey of getting to know each other and grow with each other. A new day has dawned.

The Tower Card:
This is the card of the new home you are building. As we all know, a home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is built on emotions and love. A true home will not have a completion date for a building. It is a lifetime job. It is built through the family that live within it and it has no true walls. It is the place where you know you are safe from the world. Not because of the roof over your head, but because of the hearts that surround you.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

If I were setting out on a relationship, these are the cards I would want for myself. They speak of a powerful connection being made between two people. Although this is not uncommon, usually in the learning about each other phase, a lot goes wrong. But not this time, you two have the ability to go the full journey. Your home is one of the hearts, not walls. Of course, there will be arguments along the way. They are simply the stabilisers to help you find the balance you need to carry on and understand each other’s needs more. Wedding bells are a must in this relationship. 2017 has a nice ring to it, or maybe 2 rings?


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