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Katherine Schwarzenegger perfect party!

Katherine Schwarzenegger perfect party!

Katherine Schwarzenegger perfect party!

Katherine Schwarzenegger is not just the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, she’s a lifestyle blogger and author who helps empower young women and men with her youthful words of wisdom. Healthy family values were taught to the Schwarzenegger / Shriver clan from a young age and Katherine says that it’s the most important thing to her life. Everything in her rather large family is a big affair and this year’s Super bowl Sunday was no exception when Katherine took over hostess duties from her mother.

Katherine has said that she grew up watching her mother’s effortlessly chic parties. This inspired her to throw parties of her own and as with the Super Bowl shin-dig, the first rule of a great party is the more the merrier. Siblings, extended family, friends and her parents taught her that if you’re going to have a party, then do it right. Prepare! All rooms should be party ready as anyone with a large and ever increasing family knows.

Arnie and Maria are held in very high regard by Katherine and her siblings, she says that her father has no time for naysayers or negativity and that both her parents have taught all of their children to follow their passions. Coming from a political family with a strong focus on female empowerment, Katherine says she’d like to make a difference some day and give something back.

I’m sure that one day she will, but what’s next for the elder Schwarzenegger? Let’s see what the cards say.

Véronique’s Verdict

Katherine drew the Two of Wands, the Four of Pentacles and the Fool.

The Two of Wands
This shows Katherine in the planning stage. Although she is close to her family, an independent streak is revealed. This young lady wants to prove her worth, and she will.

The Four of Pentacles
This represents the daughter of King Midas, working alone for material gains. This card shows a box full of jewels that represent Katherine’s accomplishments. She holds them tightly as she seeks to maintain order and control.

The Fool
This represents the beginning of the journey. There is still much to achieve but Katherine should not try to attempt to anticipate the actions of others. It is a time of innocence and faith.

I feel that Katherine is on the right track and should continue to enjoy the journey. She should understand that the support is there for her should she need it and more importantly, the safety net is in place.


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