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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx still undercover?

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx still undercover?

The rumor’s continue to be rife that the couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, are secretly dating and have been on and off for the past few years. Neither of the couple have publicly confirmed a romantic relationship despite well-meaning friends and associates inadvertently blowing their cover and then going on to deny any claims. And now? It appears that they are back on again if the claims of Katie’s ‘inner circle’ are anything to go by. Claudia Jordan from The Real Wives of Atlanta fame ‘misspoke’ on behalf of her lifelong pal when she was asked about Jamie’s (not so) secret affair. Well meaning friends of the two say Katie’s keen but Jamie’s reluctant to progress. Could this be due to the ‘reported’ clause in Katie’s divorce settlement. Did Katie sign the divorce document saying that she would not publicly date a guy until five years after the divorce?

As parents, I’m sure that both Katie and ex Tom Cruise made the best decisions at the time focusing on the well-being of their daughter whilst considering any introductions to potential romantic partners. Divorce clauses aside, Katie is not facing a lifetime alone despite not wishing to broadcast any relationships. In January this year, she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her wedding ring finger. Is the secret relationship back on? Let’s see what the cards say.

Véronique’s Verdict

Katie and Jamie drew the Lovers, the Prince of Hearts and the Eight of Hearts.

The Lovers represents the love affair in progress with a choice to be made. The feelings here are genuine love feelings and both Katie and Jamie will follow their respective hearts, however, one of ‘the Lovers’ hesitates.

The Prince of Hearts is very much Jamie’s card. He is very much in contact with feelings of young love. He is not afraid to express his desires but right now, Jamie is considering all aspects of how going public with the relationship will impact on their lives.

The Eight of Hearts reveals that any romantic connections between the two will continue to be covert, for now. There is a need for sacrifice here but I do not feel that this is the time to give something up.

When we see a couple who appear to be a perfect fit, there is a desire to root for them and hope that love conquers all. There are practical considerations to be made before achieving complete fulfilment. Watch this space!

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