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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Finally Out in Public on A Date!

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Finally Out in Public on A Date!

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Finally Out in Public on A Date!

Even stars secretly in love have to eat! For four years, we’ve heard about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s romance. After all this time, photographic evidence of the two while on a dinner date in the East Village in New York City. In a photo posted in a celebrity blog showed Holmes and Foxx siting close at a corner table. Holmes with a ponytail and glasses is clearly visible, while the back of Foxx’s head can be seen leaning in. The 49-year-old actor sports a white fedora and faded sunglasses which is the same outfit he was wearing in a shot posted to his Instagram the same day. Though Foxx and Holmes have long denied reports they were an item and their reps have never confirmed the alleged relationship, it seems the two are still very much dating. Foxx even recently surprised the mother of one with a bouquet of flowers while she was out promoting The Kennedys: After Camelot.

A close source stated: “Jamie has always felt that out of respect to Katie‘s ex Tom Cruise, it was better to keep his close relationship with Katie quiet. Jamie and Tom are good friends and Jaime never wanted to do anything to interfere with the possible opportunity of them working together again in the future. Jamie and Tom have been pals since they worked together on the 2004 film Collateral, so he’s been very careful not to upset the superstar by publicly dating his ex-wife. Katie and Jamie were first spotted together in the summer of 2013, dancing the night away at a charity event in the Hamptons. That was just one year after she filed for divorce from Tom so we get why things were so sensitive back then. Now it has been almost five years since the actress famously left the Mission Impossible star. We are guessing they feel enough time has passed where both are finally okay with the world knowing they are together. It is also rumored the divorce from Cruise enforced a stipulation that she not publicly date anyone for a number of years.


Will Katie and Jamie Take Their Relationship to The Next Level?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Six of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
The card represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment. I feel this card shows that both Katie and Jamie have come to new realizations about what they are looking for in love. Since it is inverted, I believe this says they are both at a very different place than they were when married to others, so it is not a step they are ready for quite yet.

The Sun:
This card represents the best outcome with joy and optimism. My take on this is they just make each other happy and that is the bottom line of this relationship.

Five of Cups:
This card represents disappointments from the past and letting it go. I believe this card is more about Katie than Jamie. She was very controlled by Cruise and does not want to repeat the same mistake. She had a whirlwind courtship, marriage and motherhood with Cruise and it seems she is taking her time on this one.


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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Finally Out in Public on A Date!

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