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Katy and Orlando – Celebrity Compatibility Horoscope

Katy perry and Orlando bloom

Katy and Orlando – Celebrity Compatibility Horoscope

We have witnessed on many occasions, how affectionate this adorable couple is in front of the camera. Their love for each other couldn`t be obvious, and Orlando is very supportive of Katy. Their relationship is definitely not `hot n cold`, as her famous song says, but rather passionate and full of romance. They manage to find a reason to be all over each other, even when an event isn`t about them.

But what could be behind their feelings? Is it pure science, or are they a match made in Heaven? The alignment of the stars and planets in the moment of our birth can tell a lot about us. They can even predict whether our relationship is going to work in the long run, or not. Let`s have a look at their birth charts, and find out what they say about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Security – Katy feels secure in the presence of Orlando, and he feels protective about her. They are at ease in each other`s company. They belong to each other, and this is a one of a kind relationship. Their feelings are sincere, and it is a blessing for both of them. It could just as well be the real thing, especially since they wouldn`t leave each other`s side, no matter what.

Passion – There is plenty of passion in this relationship, and not just in front of the camera. However, this isn`t always a good thing, as taking it to another level could bring jealousy and misunderstandings. It can easily get out of control, and they both know how easy it is to get burnt by the flames.

Intellect – And of course, the third component of any successful relationship is intellect. Both partners need to have an understanding of the other`s needs. And this isn`t missing from Katy and Orlando`s relationship, either. They share a deep connection, and together they can come up with excellent ideas. They nurture each other`s talents, boosting their confidence as well.

All in all, it is truly a life-changing experience for both. They are in the middle of a very positive transformation, one that is bringing them happiness. And yes, with the possibility of lasting for ever. With only a few minor issues, there aren`t too many things that could go wrong between them. And as freedom and personal space is important to both, as long as they respect that, they should be fine. Well, more than fine, judging by the connection they have on every level.

Well done guys! You have found a rare treasure, and it seems like you already know how much it is worth.

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