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Katy Perry pumps energy into the presidential election

Katy Perry DNC

Katy Perry pumps energy into the presidential election

Singer Katy Perry moved into the world of the politics and the presidential race when she took to the stage for the Democrats on Thursday. She pumped some vital new energy into a convention hopeful to connect with the younger generation. There is no better way to connect with the young people than through the music they listen to, so when it’s delivered by someone like Kate who already has their respect, then they are bound to stand up and listen.

It an unfortunate thing in politics, that a lot of young people fail to get involved and feel they have little input or it won’t affect them and yet it affects them more than most because it is the future of the country which is at stake and the youth are America’s future. Reaching out to them via their own conduit is a very clever method of getting them to take off the headphones and pay attention to where they are walking. There is an old saying, that you can’t put an old head on young shoulders, but young heads are just what is needed to make vital decisions in America and moving forward

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the Cards Say about Katy Perry? Katie got the Nine of Cups, which shows a great inner love and passion that she puts out to the world. Her heart has to be in anything for her to follow it because it’s all or nothing with Katy, she doesn’t waste time on maybes. The Ten of Coins shows what we already know, that Kate is not just a wonderful voice, but a very talented business woman actress and songwriter. Her talents are so many they almost engulf her life and anyone entering her emotional circle has to respect that. She knows hardship is more than a word and it keeps her humble, but the page of wands shows that she is constantly looking for that something different. She has the soul of an adventurer, long may she sing.

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