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What put Kelly Clarkson in a dark place?

Kelly Clarkson

What put Kelly Clarkson in a dark place?

Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her struggle with fame. Her arrival to the spotlight was a quick one, as she won the American Idol in 2002. From there it was nonstop fame. It’s all very well to look with envy at the lifestyle these celebrities have from a distance and envy them. Imagine for a moment not being able to take a bus ride. Or drop into your local coffee shop for a quiet coffee, without people following you. Now it’s not that Kelly is ungrateful. You would have to admit; it would be very overwhelming. She said that she was in a very dark place for a long time.

To Kelly Clarkson. Kelly, you have chosen to share your gift with the world, and for that many people are very grateful. Yes, the price of fame can be uncomfortable. It brings with it many comforts also. You have the love of a good husband and wonderful children. They will be your comfort through the years, and your work has assured them a better life. Your eyes betray a good heart and kind soul. This is something you share freely and it will bring its rewards. It’s a time to focus on the things that you have, not the thing that you are missing. You will find that the scales may swing to the benefit side.

Let’s throw a few cards out for you Kelly and see where the path is leading you.

The Nine of Coins
This card speaks of offers coming for you over the next 12 months. There will be many contracts to sign and events to attend, so it will be a busy year. This card talks about control. Taking control so that you don’t get swept off your feet with too much work and not enough play. Your home time is important and balance is something that must be maintained regardless of who it applying pressure.

The Death Card
Totally misunderstood, this card means the dawning of a new and wonderful day. What is done is done and cannot be taken back, but the new things in the world are for the making. This card talks about new offers in the new year. Offers which may open a new side to your talents that you have yet to explore. Be open to change remembering the balance that must be maintained.

The Queen of Wands
This is a mother card. As a Pieces mother, your maternal instincts always drive you hard. All mothers are a gift, but Pieces moms are willing to battle the tide upstream without compromise for their children. You are also very close to the Arise sign so quite willing and able to rise to any challenge on their behalf. You don’t compromise your mothering for your career. Remember they are growing fast and will soon be young adults. The adults they become will reflect your sacrifices.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

This card shows you as a wonderful mother and hard worker. While you give both sides everything you have, I feel the need to put a footstool in front of you. I feel the need to tell you to put your feet up. It is important to maintain balance in your world so that you maintain good health. Running on reserves is never a good idea. The month of April sees family time featured, it’s possibly a celebration. Or it could even be just an excuse to lock the world outside and be with the people you love.

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