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Has Kelly Clarkson forced her husband under the knife?

Kelly Clarkson Husband

Has Kelly Clarkson forced her husband under the knife?

Kelly Clarkson has a wonderful husband and an enviable career.  She also has two beautiful children, a two-year-old daughter and more recently, a five-month-old son.  However, the singer has revealed that she has no plans to extend the family further and just in case her husband has any idea’s to the contrary… Kelly has insisted that he does the decent thing and spares her from further pregnancy anguish by having ‘the snip’.  Yes, she is insisting on a Vasectomy for her 39-year-old true love.

Kelly was recently on the on ‘The Jenny McCarthy Show, SiriusXM.’  Speaking to the radio presenter about her daughter, Kelly said that she hoped her daughter engaged in a professional career such as that of a Doctor or a Teacher.  She believes that her children will be too privileged and may not have the ‘thick skin’ that is needed for the entertainment industry.  Kelly went on to reveal the horrors of her two pregnancies, telling Jenny, ‘It’s horrible, nothing is beautiful, nothing is magical.’  Although Kelly does appreciate that not everyone has these issues and that some women do have beautiful and magical pregnancies.   Kelly was admitted to hospital during both pregnancies.  She stated that she did not want her daughter to be an only child and is pleased that she has two children within a few years of each other.  Kelly believed that her second pregnancy would not be the same as the first.  She was correct.  It was actually worse for her.

So now Brandon is preparing himself for the cruellest cut known to man.  I’m sure he’s bracing himself for what is to come, if he has not done so already…!  Brandon has two children from a previous relationship and seems to have taken it all in his stride.  Let’s see what the cards say for the happy family.  What’s next?


Véronique’s Verdict

Kelly drew the Seven of Pentacles, the Star and the Ace of Pentacles.

The Seven of Pentacles is very much about how Kelly felt about the pregnancies. Both figuratively and literally this card suggests fatigue and hard labour.  Planning a family is an exciting time and there is a tendency to assume that all will be good and any pains and frustrations will be worth it.


The Star shows a period of relaxation and of recharging the metaphorical batteries. Both Kelly and Brandon have completed their family.   I feel that they will dwell on the positives and all that is good in the world.  Kelly has her two little miracles, there is not a need to expand the brood further.


The Ace of Pentacles offers the longed for treasures.  This is the time for new beginnings, there is a sense of stability and earthly powers.  Kelly has said that her children will grow up in a privileged environment but I do feel that there will be a grounded energy around the family with an appreciation of the true value of wealth, financial or otherwise.

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