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Kelly Clarkson’s humour comes through as she forgets lyrics.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s humour comes through as she forgets lyrics.

Kelly Clarkson sense of humour masked a ‘beautiful disaster’ as she forgot the lyrics to some of her songs. Her fans didn’t seem to mind though as she sang pitch perfect. Accompanied by a pianist, Kelly attempted to sing her own songs from 15 years ago. A behind the scenes person attempted to feed her the missing words. Wife and mother of two Kelly has also been in the news recently for hitting out at ‘fat shamers.’ She was called out for not losing the baby weight quickly enough after having her second child 3 months ago. Kelly has said that her weight does not worry her. She wonders whether that’s why other people have a problem with her post-baby size. A great response from a fun girl with a busy life and a healthy attitude.

Véronique’s Verdict

Kelly drew the Wheel of Fortune, the Hierophant and the Seven of Swords. I feel that this lady has the best of both worlds. In many respects, Kelly has reaped what she has sown, although there can be an element of fate involved with the Wheel of Fortune card. A singer forgetting lyrics is a definite no-no but Kelly owned her mistake and turned it around. This shows Kelly takes responsibility for what happens to her, whether she is up or down. The Hierophant shows commitment to her professional endeavours. She continues to be grounded in spite of fame and its trappings. The Seven of Swords shows that a desire for peace can be achieved by eliminating any negative energy. Kelly will continue on her path avoiding unseen forces wishing to cause harm by using persistence and logic. The Sky is the limit for this lady.

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