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Kelsey Grammer awaits baby no. 7. Pink or Blue?

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Kelsey Grammer awaits baby no. 7. Pink or Blue?

Kelsey Grammer and his fourth wife Kayte were all smiles recently following their news of a third child together. The multi-talented Kelsey and 35 year old Kayte are not without personal tragedy and loss within their close family unit. Kayte sadly miscarried in 2010 prior to their marriage in 2011. She went on to suffer a further miscarriage when she lost one of the twins that she was carrying, although they were blessed with a healthy baby daughter, now 4 years old going on to have their now 2-year-old son.

Kelsey’s former wife Camille is a TV personality and one of the ‘Real Housewife of Beverley Hills.’ She has publicly expressed her disappointment in Grammer who she says could have been more involved in co-parenting their children, both born by surrogate. 47-year-old Camille has said that she is not happy about the lack of communication from her ex following the demise of their 13-year marriage and has admitted difficulties.

61-year-old Kelsey has 4 children ranging from 12 years old to 32 years old from previous relationships and marriages. The latest addition is believed to be a son and will be Kelsey’s 7th child. Pink or Blue?  Definitely blue!

Véronique’s Verdict

Kelsey and Kayte drew the Tower, the Ace of Pentacles and the Lovers. Kelsey had experienced many challenges throughout his life including the loss of loved ones and this is described with The Tower. There is a phrase that lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice. I feel that Kelsey would disagree with this. There has been much success within his career but his personal life has been one bad relationship after another, the domestic structure continually being reduced to ruin and then rebuilt. The old and false values are no longer a part of his life and his fourth wife Kayte is representative of the new order. A better way of living.

The Ace of Pentacles tells of abundance emotionally and financially. The couple have gone through a series of wedding ceremonies for the sake of Kayte’s emotional security. This is provided the stability that they both need from each other. There is a fun side to their connection and an ever present spontaneity.

The lovers card represents the love partners quite literally. Their relationship is a reflection of their own inner balance. There is a pure joy emanating from every fiber of Kelsey’s being. He has waited a lifetime for this relationship. The time is right for his karmic rewards. The two are wished all the best for a healthy and happy new addition.

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