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Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. Are they dating again?

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Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. Are they dating again?

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have been linked romantically for a few years and it looks like they may be back ‘on-again.’ The model-esque couple first became an item in 2013 and now it seems they’re rekindling l’amour and getting romantic again. The two were spotted cosying up at Ysabel’s in LA.

In case you didn’t know, Harry’s in a band called One Direction and they’re currently taking a break from whatever the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle means to them. He’s been known to have a penchant for older ladies, but 20-year-old Kendall appears to be the focus of his attention right now. Apparently, Kendall likes to be pursued by a guy; is there any other way? The one directioner has now also finished his filming duties so technically should be free to pursue old-fashioned Kendall in the manner that she wishes. No excuses. Harry!

The baby-faced 22-year-old cheeky chappy clearly enjoys Kendall’s company, and when pictures of the two appear in the public domain, Kendall does look rather besotted… just saying! These two are both very much sought after youngsters with no shortage of potential mates. Is Harry wasting Kendall’s time? Let’s find out.

Véronique’s Verdict

Oh la la! Kendall and Harry drew the Prince of Hearts, the Six of Wands and the Chariot. I can hardly contain my excitement seeing these two together again. I feel that young Harry, casanova extraordinaire is approaching this ‘relationship’ with his heart very much on his sleeve.

The Prince of Hearts belongs to the age of chivalry when the medieval courts of love were less about doing the deed and more about the declaration of an emotionally sensitive and admiring friend. I don’t feel that Harry is one to kiss and tell but despite the love feelings that are evident between the two in whatever form, there is a hesitancy and a need to take things slow.

The Six of Wands reinforces the prince of hearts. Harry is the confident conquerer who will rise to the occasion ultimately winning the day. There is every chance that this couple could go the distance but of course, they are still quite young and have their own respective ambitions to fulfil.

The Chariot Card, I feel that the chariot relates to much movement, to and from various locations for work purposes. Kendall and Harry have all the ingredients of a future power couple with the world at their feet. I hope that they do get serious, can you imagine what their children would look like? Am I getting a little ahead of myself? I hope not!

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