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Khloe Kardashian, says she is 100% over Lamar

Khloe Kardashian Lamar

Khloe Kardashian, says she is 100 percent over Lamar. She made it clear that she wants to move forward with her divorce. Well I suppose if you are going to put it out there for public debate you better be totally sure about where it’s leading you. Kim explained to the camera that she wants it to kind of happen nicely. What divorce ever happened in a way that someone wasn’t hurt? Well hopefully it can happen this time, but I wonder how Lamar feels about it?

It would appear that Khloe took a much needed break to Napa where she got herself quite drunk and said a lot of drunken stuff as drunken people do. But if you’re lucky when you are drunk, you are with family and friends who know you well and it stays there. Only to be laughed at over the breakfast table. Alas not when you are a Kardashian, because the news is always hot on your heels and the camera never lies.

What do the cards say for Khloe? Khloe drew The Five of Cups, The Empress and The Chariot card.  Here is a lady who means no harm in what she is doing.  The Five of Cups show her heart is in the right place and her intentions are genuinely pure. The Empress sees her need for a new beginning, and this is what she is looking for with the divorce, clean the slate and move forward. The Chariot card shows that all will not be that simple. I don’t feel Lamar will take things easy and just walk off into the sunset. Is there still a flicker of warmth there. The three cards together show there is no easy way to end a marriage, and I hardly needed cards to tell me that. But if Khloe is not happy then she owes it to herself to move on. But she must consider that just because she wants Lamar to take it easy, doesn’t mean he will. Watch this space.

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