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Kim Kardashian keeping schtum after stepping out in LA.

Kim Kardashian LA

Kim Kardashian keeping schtum after stepping out in LA.

Kim Kardashian Leaving little to the imagination after stepping out wearing a fishnet dress and underwear on display, the mum of two, head bowed, was conspicuous in her silence after accusing Taylor Swift of lying about her involvement in husband Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ video, and of Taylor going on to play the victim card. Kim quite rightly wants to support her husband and they continue to look out for each other in public and privately.

Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn here relate specifically to Kim and her stance on this particular issue. We have the Six of Hearts, the Queen of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles. The Six of Hearts describes the shared history and complete rapport between Kim and Kanye. Kim is protective of her husband and understands that living in the public eye opens them up to criticism or even ridicule, I feel that there is a side to them that we have yet to see, hard to believe I know. The perfect card to represent Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Pentacles. Symbolically, the dark-haired enchantress unafraid of hard work, she loves entertaining on a grand scale and wishes to know the best people who have something to add to her own status. The Six of Pentacles shows that there is an honesty with Kim, there is not a need to disguise herself, she maintains good judgement and follows her own star. I feel that whatever the consequences of Kim’s comments, she will continue to fight the good fight in the best way she knows and I applaud her.

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