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Kim Kardashian at Gunpoint – Is she really OK?

Kim Kardashian robbed gunpoint

Kim Kardashian at Gunpoint – Is she really OK?

Kim Kardashian seems to have attracted some pretty bad luck while in Paris for the Fashion Week. Not only was she attacked by the famous prankster a few days ago, on Monday another (and probably more real) terror awaited her.

It was around 2:30 AM on Monday morning when two gunned masked man forced their way into her luxury apartment, pretending to be policemen. They pointed a gun at her, tied her up and left her in the bathroom while robbing her of expensive jewellery. Unfortunately for Kim, this time her bodyguard, who she previously praised for saving her from the prankster wasn`t present to protect her from this more serious threat.

The total loss is still being estimated, but the damage could be more drastic than “only” a few million pounds` worth of jewellery. Sadly, Kim wasn`t left alone by evil and malicious tweets after this shocking event. Of course a lot of people expressed their sympathy towards her, including celebrities and TV host James Corden, reminding the tweeters about the fact that two little kids could have lost their mother that night.

She left Paris soon after the incident, however, she claims that she is fine, just shaken up. But what do the cards say? Is she really going to be OK?

 Psychic Timea’s Verdict

 The Star: This card represents the dreamy ambitions Kim had when arriving to Paris. It also indicates that her conscious and unconscious creativity and energetic nature will help her get through these difficult times. Hang on in there Kim, you are going to be fine. The worst part is over and now you can concentrate on making your dreams come true once more.

The Chariot: Kim`s path is covered with obstacles, indeed, and it attracts both fame and negativity. But success is guaranteed at the end, no matter how rocky the road is. Keep up the good work and you will achieve your goals, using your sheer determination. Remember, there are times that might require you to lose your battle armour.

The Devil: As opposed to common belief, this card isn`t necessarily a bad omen, especially in this case. True, there will be gossip and jealousy rising from these recent events, and on a more spiritual level Kim might be struggling with her emotions right now, but eventually she will come out of it a winner. She needs to free herself from this memory, and it is going to make her even stronger than she ever was.

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