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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Defends her Daughter against Cyber Bullies

Kim Zolciak-Biermann daughter

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Defends her Daughter against Cyber Bullies 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Defends her Daughter against Cyber Bullies.
Today`s modern society has several downfalls, one of which is the increasing number of cyber bullies. Whether you are a celebrity or you simply use social media sites for entertainment purposes, you are exposing yourself to this new threat. And although it might not seem too serious, because these comments are “only” online, they can indeed cause long-lasting damage, especially in regards to one`s self-esteem.

Brielle Biermann was no exception during her Instagram takeover of Bravo TV, when people started to bombard her with nasty comments about her lip implants, and the way she looks in general. But do they have the right to judge someone`s personal choices that they make in regards to their own body? Or do they feel that because the picture is posted on a social media site, they have a say in the person`s life? Either way, with the growing influence of anonymity, it is even more important than ever to respect each other, whether we talk to someone online or face to face, because we never know how much power our words actually have.

Kim was furious when she spotted some of these comments on her daughter`s picture, and she replied to the trolls, by showing them what their opinion could mean: “You’re grown-ass adults…If my daughter wasn’t strong can you imagine what the f–k you would do to her with your comments?”

She added: “Get off Bravo TV and stop talking s–t about my daughter and get a f–king life. Do you not see that you are the reason why this world is so f–ked up?” She might have a point there, and the issue is rooted much deeper than what meets the eye. However, let`s concentrate on Brielle today, and what this means for her.

According to Kim, her daughter already had issues with her lips, and that`s why she opted in for the implants. Let`s ask the cards whether these comments will affect her on a deeper level, or if she will be able to overcome her insecurities with the support of her mother.


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Nine of Wands: Although Brielle has many supporters, family and friends to turn to, it will take her a lot of effort to ignore this amount of negativity. She has a great amount of inner strength though, and drawing upon that she will be able to overcome this obstacle.


The Tower: She might feel as if the whole world is against her right now, and these are quite misfortunate events that will make her doubt herself even more, but if she realizes that the comments said more about the commenters rather than about herself, she will be able to come out successfully the other end.


Queen of Cups: No matter how strong she appears, she is caring and emotional deep down, just like most young women her age. The support of her mother will help her get through these difficult times, and (hopefully) no long-term damage will be caused.

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