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Kindness Challenge to honour dead son

Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge to honour dead son

When someone dies, the painful event is just like a drop in the ocean. It creates a ripple effect within all those who mourn the deceased. If someone dies a violent death, or is taken before their time, it raises questions. It can also be the birth of something new and amazing, as strange as that sounds. Sometimes tragedy can lead to a sense of unity and we can’t predict the outcome.

Often all it takes is a few words of kindness and everyone can make a difference. ‘The Kindness Challenge’ started out on a small scale. Only after a month of its debut, it opened eyes and hearts to life’s true purpose. Today, it has dozens of positive posts every day and 44,000 followers. It educates, inspires and unites people, showing them a way to change their attitude. Only reassuring, positive thoughts are allowed, no negativity.

When it started, there was no intention of it becoming a world-wide phenomenon. Dennis Vassallo , the person who came up with the idea, is a mourning father. His son, Dylan died in 2015, when he was only 17. Despite his young age, Dylan was volunteering at several organizations, helping build schools and homes. That was just one of many of his countless virtues, according to his father. Vassallo wanted to create something to honour his son’s perspective on life.

He thought it would only be a ‘family thing’, but it soon became way more than that. He said: “Never in a million years would I have expected such a response, but it seems to have people thinking about what we were all taught as kids: to be good to people and help them.”

People inspired by ‘The Kindness Challenge’ turned their lives around with the help of these posts. Some turned to charity, while others discovered something about themselves. With the constant negativity that surrounds us, with all the tragedy, it’s really nice to see a glimpse of hope. Although Dylan’s life was short and he left many heart-broken, his legacy will live for ever. Let’s ask the cards to see what this amazing story teaches us.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

King of Wands:
This card fits the situation perfectly. It isn’t about forming an idea to match the world’s perspective. It’s about forming the world’s perspective, based on the idea. People are naturally drawn to ‘The Kindness Challenge’ and thus to those who created it.

Three of Wands:
This card reminds us that we control our environment and ourselves. Our attitude forms our perception on life. Think about what you can do to open the doors of possibility and opportunity. They are there, you just need to take on a positive attitude. Remember the law of attraction.

Four of Cups:
It’s time to re-evaluate where you stand. What could you do to improve your situation? Be alert and open to new opportunities.


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