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How is Kirk Douglas finally a true Centurion ?

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How is Kirk Douglas finally a true Centurion?

Actor Kirk Douglas has entertained the world as one of the original screen favourites for almost 60 years. His debut was in 1946 in a film called “Strange Love of Martha Ivers” and obviously, the magic ingredient was there from the start. One of his best-known roles to the people of today was Spartacus the Roman slave and Gladiator, whose story was tied into the story of Christ. Although you didn’t see Jesus in the movie, the presence was presented as a powerful influence. You only needed to see Kirk Douglas on the movie titles and you were guaranteed good viewing. This week, the famous actor became a centurion when he hit the fantastic age of 100 years old.

To Kirk Douglas.
Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas. 100 years on this earth is an amazing achievement for anyone. It is more amazing when it is someone who gave the world so much in return. Your acting over the last 60 years, has taken people through the worst and best times in their lives. In many cases, it has been a welcome distraction from a cruel world. You would have witnessed some of the world’s greatest events and lived through some of its worst times. People like you have even more to offer us today through wisdom received not through the words of others, but through your own life experience.

Let’s see what the cards say about your life Kirk Douglas.

The Queen of Wands:
This is the card of the energy of the mind and body. It’s hardly a surprise that you reached this age. It’s like the person’s energy is greater than the body itself. This is a powerful card, but it’s no use having this energy if you don’t nurture it. You still have many lessons to teach this world. I really wish they would listen. Reading things that are written is not as trustworthy as listening to someone who has walked the walk.

The Sun Card:
This card shows an ideal time for beginning something new. Many might say that at one hundred years, you have enough on your plate. The wisdom that 100 years’ carries are not to be underestimated. It’s important that you relay this to whoever will listen. You have so much still to offer this world and the world needs a father figure in these insecure times.

The Wheel of Fortune:
Times are changing, as well you know. Nothing stays the same and fortunes change for everyone. There will be good and bad coming in equal measures, but the treasure that life is will not be lost on those you love. You can now sit back and watch the results of your life through the actions of your children and grandchildren. Through them, you live on in many different forms and many different roles.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What an honour that you are still with us at this great age. I’m sure that the value of your presence has not been lost on your very grateful family. Although reflection is healthy, it should not take from the value of the here and now. I’m sure your talented family would agree with me when I say we need more of your generation to stay around us and advise us. There is a great comfort in your presence. The cards show that you have still a great deal of value in this world, so stay strong. With that in mind, it remains only for all of us at 7th Sense Psychics to wish you a Happy Birthday and may you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


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