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Knight Of Cups Court Tarot Card, The Romantic Dreamer

knight of cups

Knight Of Cups Court Tarot Card, The Romantic Dreamer

I always love seeing the Knight of Cups Court Tarot Card come up in a reading when the subject is love. Whether expecting a new love, in a new relationship or one that is going well, it usually represents a fresh and fun romantic approach to the situation.

I also look to the card to show when someone is already in a relationship that has gone stale, they are inviting or already involved in a fresh love interest. Either way, it is fun, romance, sensuality and emotions from the heart.

The Knight of Cups is the most feminine of the Knights which simply says he is in touch with his intuition and emotions and he uses them in his quests of romance and seduction. He is charming and attractive to others, regardless of their sex, expressing the romantic, poetic view of life in his unique way.

The downside of this truly romantic person is that he may be in love with love itself which can sometimes show up in your life as a player or someone who is always looking for a happily ever after without doing the work. He is someone who is ruled by his heart rather than his head. When faced with a decision, he will always go with what his heart tells him, whether it is logical or not.

Decisions will be made without much thought and instead they are made drawing upon his own feelings of friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone. As with all Court Cards, the Knight of Cups can manifest as an event, a person in your life, or as a part of yourself.

In General, when the Knight of Cups shows up, it is telling you that things are going to be going well or start getting better. You are feeling revved up and ready for action to accomplish a new goal. He often indicates that good news (particularly in the matters of the heart) is likely to be headed your way soon.

Career, Romance, Money, Health, Spirituality

Where Career is concerned, work ambitions are likely to move ahead in a positive way and sooner than you’re expecting. He usually shows up in a reading for career when you are getting ready to move into a productive work environment that you will love.

When the Knight Of Cups involves a reading of Romance, it is a very positive card. If you are single, he often indicates that someone is about to “sweep you off your feet.” If you are already in a relationship, the Knight can indicate an upcoming marriage commitment.

In the category of Money, this card can mean that you will soon get very good news about your finances. The Knight often indicates messages that are uplifting and positive. If you’re concerned about finances and get this card in a reading, it is an indication that if some practicality is shown, the situation will change for the better.

If the Knight of Cups is drawn in regards to Health and you have a concern, it usually points to the news being good. In general, he usually suggests that you will soon be feeling better and start addressing your health in a more positive way!

This Knight being pulled where Spirituality is concerned, it shows you are entering new realms in your spiritual exploration. It can also mean that you will soon receive a message from spirit which will open up new ways of looking at life. Pay attention to things that seem like coincidence. These are often the way spirit communicates with us, sometimes even using others in our lives to send that message.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

The Knight of Cups like most Cups suit, is an optimistic and positive card to see in a reading and like Knights, this one often comes bearing an upbeat and encouraging message. I often interpret this Court card as getting good news and in romance, indicating it is on its way or already here. Great card to see in a Tarot spread.

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