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Kurt Cobain’s son in law gains financial settlement. What’s next for Frances?

Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain and Son In Law

Kurt Cobain’s son in law gains financial settlement. What’s next for Frances?

The son in law of Kurt Cobain’s has taken estranged wife Frances to court in a bid to receive funds. Isaiah Silva married Frances in 2014 after dating for five years and he has reportedly demanded half the money she earned through their marriage. It’s believed that there was no pre-nup in place.


31-year-old Silva originally asked for $25,000 per month in spousal support from Frances, this being sufficient for his monthly outgoings which included school fees for his daughter from a previous relationship. Silva claims that his now-ex-wife offered to support him after they were married and so allegedly quit his job. On this occasion, the law was on his side and a judgement was made that Frances Cobain pays a cash sum of $12,000 per month be paid for the next four months, it was also determined that Frances should pay $15,000 towards Silva’s attorney fees.


Frances is the heiress to her late father’s $100 million estate. Isaiah has in his possession an acoustic-electric guitar belonging to Kurt Cobain which he claims was a wedding gift from Frances. This is something that she denies. Frances’ mother Courtney Love continues to support her daughter and has revealed that she’s glad her daughter is now out of ‘this dangerous and toxic relationship.


Véronique’s Verdict

Frances drew the Nine of Hearts, the Six of Swords and the Two of Pentacles.


The Nine of Hearts symbolizes the genie who grants wishes. Frances had high hopes when she married Isaiah and believed that all gifts, material or otherwise should be given freely. There is a sense of healing from this relationship with the support of loved ones. Frances will move on when the time is right and with an open heart.


The Six of Swords shows that Frances has already began to move on from the drama surrounding the marriage. She has had a change of heart but this not mean that she wishes to change her world entirely. Frances is in a better place and will allow the powers that be, to finalize the legalities. Onwards and upwards.


The Two of Pentacles indicate the changes and growth within her financial world. The hard lessons have allowed Frances to grow as a person and as a woman. Having a pre-nup may have protected Frances but she was a woman in love, and she was going to marry regardless. Frances will see this as nothing more than a temporary turn of events. We wish her well.


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