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This is why Kylie Jenner missed the AMA’s

kylie Jenner Puppies

This is why Kylie Jenner missed the AMA’s

Well you would expect that when you are in the public eye, you don’t miss a major event of the year like the AMAs. Well if you do, you need a good excuse for doing do. Kylie Jenner did just that with the AMA’s. She missed the event because her dog Bambi went into labour. Now most people might laugh at that kind of thing, but I applaud her for her decision. She showed responsible dog ownership. When you adopt a dog into your home they are a family member, and how could anyone leave their family member at a time like this?

To Kyle Jenner,
Kylie, you are an amazing dog owner. You followed your responsibility through to the end and stayed with Bambi when she needed you most. As an animal lover and dog owner myself, I admire the care you gave to Bambi. The puppies are adorable and are going to give you weeks of hilarious fun that money could not buy. It is a measure of the responsible person you are growing up to be. You can judge a person’s character by the way they treat animals, and you have just shown yours. Congratulations Kylie.

Let’s throw some cards out around you for the near future and see what they are saying Kylie.

The Four of Wands
This card talks about balance and energy. At the moment, your teen years are full of all the things that you can be. But there may be confusion about what you want to be. Take your time, and don’t be forced into something that you feel doesn’t suit you. Your treatment of Bambi shows a caring side. This should be nurtured. Perhaps you could use your status to educate people on animal welfare? There may be many animals across the world who would be glad you did.

The Emperor
This is the card of control, and he is also the power received through education. Never underestimate the doors that education can open for you. The full extent of your future is not visible to you yet, and that’s ok. The element of surprise is what makes life amazing and worth living. It’s important to know that you are an individual, with your own gifts, likes and dislikes. Be your own person, show the world the unique you.

The Fool Card
This card isn’t a fool. It represents someone who is willing to take a risk to get what they need. Everything is not as clear and may not be clear when you must make a move towards it. You should trust your instincts on this one. The fool doesn’t wait around, and although sometimes they fall, more often they succeed where others have failed. All because they got there first.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well Kylie I admire your choices.
Many people would have left the dog to it and checked in later. But you and I being dog lover would not even entertain that idea as an option. Your decision to stand by Bambi when she needed you, shows that you have a good heart. This will be your best asset as you move through life. Using this heart on your journey, you will light lives, and lift burdens. There is no greater gift anyone could give to their fellow man, or our four legged friends. For the next year, I feel education is favoured highly.
But it will be interesting to see the person you blossom into based on your actions. Remember the value of education, can never be underestimated. Enjoy the puppies Kyle.

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