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Why can’t Kylie Jenner sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm?”

kylie Jenner pig

Why can’t Kylie Jenner sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm?”

Why can’t Kylie Jenner sing “Old MacDonald had a Farm?” Because she doesn’t know the difference between a chicken and a pig. I think I’ll skip the eggs on your breakfast table, Kylie. All jokes aside. We all make silly mistakes and put our foot in it sometimes. But when you are a celebrity like Kylie Jenner, the world is watching and they won’t let you forget.

I know, Kylie when you asked your Mom Kris for chickens and she showed up with a pig, then it’s hardly your fault, but you did blurt out “is that a chicken?” Room enough for them to dive all over it and run with the story. Either way, both make amazing pets. Pigs are cleaner than even your family dog, and just as intelligent, and chickens have a very calming effect. Why not get both? But you must admit, it would have been an amazing bit of comedy to leave the scene in, and we all know the world needs a bit of laughter these days. Don’t worry everyone has done something similar at some stage. They like to laugh at it, because it takes the attention away from them.

Let’s throw out a few cards for you and see what they say is heading your way.

The Ten of Swords This card tells of domestic stresses. It is possibly connected to the family’s concern around Kim after the attack, and I can fully relate to that. However, with all your support and care, she should make a full recovery. These things take time. A moment of madness can steal more than just one moment from a person’s life. But it is fixable, so don’t over stress about it. Time and care are all it will take to make it right.

The Six of Wands. This card talks of a challenge for you. This is one where you get to prove something to someone. Something that you are well capable of doing but they said you could never handle. It’s time to show someone that you are not a kid anymore. You are well able to achieve something on your own. That doesn’t mean cutting ties with someone or being arrogant about something. It just means working silently in the background until you have achieved your goal. And having the experience of watching the look of pride on their face when you have achieved it.

The Ace of Cups. On a more positive note for Kylie, here is the card of young love. Yes, that teenage feeling that sweeps you off your feet in a way that can only happen when you are in your teens. It’s a learning curve emotionally for you. So, move slowly regardless of what your heart is saying. It’s important that you don’t use all the fuel for the flame early of love, or it may burn out too fast. Listen to your elder’s advice, boring as you think it may be. Regardless of who they are, they were once in your shoes. But most importantly, enjoy the experience.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

These are hard times for your family. So, you must band together as a unit and help Kim come back from where she is. Disregard the laughing at the chicken pig thing. It’s a good source of entertainment, and one you should make the most of. As with all jeering, when you learn to laugh at the joke yourself, the whole story changes course. This is a valuable lesson for someone in the public eye. The new year offers a new beginning. Take it and run with it, things are changing for the better.

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