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Kylie Jenner “ True Life ” Reality TV Show Is Actually Entertaining

Kylie Jenner “ True Life ” Reality TV Show Is Actually Entertaining

Kylie Jenner “ True Life ” Reality TV Show Is Actually Entertaining

Kylie Jenner claims the world does not know much about her but she is obviously trying to change that in her new TV Reality show “True Life”. She appears to be much more down to earth than the rest of the Kardashian clan even with her millions of followers on Snapchat and Instagram, ongoing scandals and the fact she is going to turn the billion-dollar corner on her beauty empire in less than 5 years. All this from a 20-year-old. Kris Kardashian apparently has trained her daughters well in the goals of fame and success. And Kyle has actually gotten that big revenue success on her own resources.

She did follow in her big sisters’ footsteps and scored a Reality show of her own. One that reveals her as a mixed bag of personalities which all not all relatable. She has a down to earth side of herself she shows in normalcy then flips to glamour icon, which you wonder if she is really comfortable in that role at all or that is the “pretend” Kylie. But end game is that she is a young woman who eats McDonald’s French fries with pierced nails, feels bad about not taking her Lamborghini out for a spin (yes she actually said that). As always, the Kardashian antics are there but what you might discover is she more self-aware than you would expect and more fun than the Kardashians show has been in years. Not bad for the self-described “outcast” of the family. She can poke fun at herself and has a low-key sense of humor that creeps up on you without you knowing it, finding yourself chuckling at what she just said.

Since she came out of that awkward “where do I belong in this family” period and (ahem) had the lip and breast enhancements done, she now holds her own with her other sexy sisters and is capitalizing on her new persona and look. But the difference is, she had a personality to start with that got her all her followers on Instagram and Twitter, now it just goes along with sex sell too. It is worth a watch if you have been a KUWTK fan in the past. If not, it will entertain you for about a minute. The reviews aren’t great, so I doubt it will be a long series but Kylie definitely stands out there on her own with her self-depreciating humor, business savvy and of course those lips!

Looks Like The Next Generation Of Kardashians Sisters Might Just Be More Interesting

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Eventually somewhere down Reality TV road, the Kardashians will run out of family drama that is interesting enough to keep the watcher glued to the set but I feel the younger generation will re-invent the whole genre.

The Hermit: Inverted (Upside Down)
Finding true self and also feeling isolated and out of place. Since Kylie actually admitted she felt like the odd duck in the family, this card being pulled inverted says she is coming out of that phase hell bent on out shining the rest of the family!

Justice: Being honest with yourself and sometimes legal issues. I believe Kylie has tapped into her own creative power to make a buck without riding the coat tails of her family’s huge money-making empire. The legal issues that follow some of her projects come from naiveite and the entitlement of “because she can”.

King of Cups: Inverted
This is a man who is secretive about who he is but success is a main goal. Being pulled inverted, I feel this represents her choice of men in her personal life. It shows she is still a young girl who is clueless about what a successful man looks like beyond the fancy cars. After all, she IS still only 20.

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