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Lady Gaga reflects with great sadness, but why?

Lady Gaga CBS Interview

Lady Gaga reflects with great sadness, but why?

You would think this lady has it all. She is talented, beautiful, young and she is a celebrity. With all that in her favour, you would think that love should just fall at her feet. Sadly, this is not so. During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, she reflected on the end of her relationship earlier this year. Lady Gaga was dating Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire fame, but things obviously didn’t work out as she would have liked. It just goes to show for all her fans out there with broken hearts, it happens to everyone. She was quoted as saying:

“I think women love very hard. We love men. We just love with everything we have.”

To Lady Gaga.
I’m sure there are millions of ladies out there who would agree with you. To be fair to the men folk, many of us can be in the same boat. When a person falls for someone it is rarely in half measures. They normally fall fully, all the way, then when it doesn’t work out, it leaves a lot of self-doubts. The bridge between the genders is a strange one, but love only complicates it more. Since time began, one side is trying to fully understand the other with little success. Mother nature created a mystery when she gave humans the ability to fall in love. It’s a mystery only some are lucky enough to ever unravel in their lifetime. Those who do, are lucky, while the rest of us are left scratching our heads in wonder.

So, Lady Gaga, let’s see what your cards have to say about your love life.

The Tower Card
This is the card about changes around the home. It is still fresh days since the breakup and the heart doesn’t heal that fast. It’s important to make changes what will take away painful memories and allow new ones to grow. The card talks about structural or emotional changes in the home. It’s as much to help your heart heal and eradicate memories that can be painful and it’s a good way to go. It could be a new balance in an old love.

The Wheel of Fortune.
Although you aren’t aware of it yet, there is someone out there who knows they are the right one for you. Destiny hasn’t allowed them into your path just yet, or is it Taylor in a new situation? What is meant for you will not pass you by. The Wheel of Fortune is spinning, which means where there once was pain, there will be much love, much healing and a lot of joy. Nothing remains the same forever, bad times turn into good times.

The Ace of Cups.
This is the card of love. It’s the Ace of Cups and being the first of the cups, it talks about building something for the future. First, you need to repair your heart and learn to love yourself again. Unfortunately, we are a casualty of our own self-judgement when things like this happen. In the case of Taylor, there are still strong feelings. If this is to be corrected, then it will take a lot of bridge building and understanding. That’s not impossible.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The words of your heart were heard and understood by many across the world. Most people in their lives have been in your shoes. It’s further complicated by the bond that remains between you. This can either complicate things or repair things. As you said, it is difficult when you are both travelling for work with long times apart. Once again love plays another cruel hand, as absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m not feeling this coming back online anytime soon. I do feel there is a need for personal emotional repairs before the heart can open again. Love is in the air in 2017. June is featured as the 12 months will have passed. A new face on the scene grabs your attention.

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