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Superbowl goes GAGA, what does this mean for the singer?

Lady Gaga Superbowl

Superbowl goes GAGA, what does this mean for the singer?

You might have heard the rumours about Lady Gaga and the next Superbowl. Now it is confirmed that she is going to perform halftime on the 5th February, 2017. Although her career has already peaked, and this won`t be her first appearance during this more than remarkable event, having sang the National Anthem in 2016, still, this could mean an even bigger stepping stone for the actress.
She just released her new No. 1 single “Perfect Illusion”, followed by a funny comment on her twitter page three weeks later: “It’s not an illusion. The rumours are true, this year the SUPER BOWL goes GAGA!”
Gaga really proved that there is life after death, when she stared in the 5th season of American Horror Story, receiving a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film. Surely, this wasn`t her first award, nor the last, but having the chance to appear on Superbowl twice in a row, is another category, showing that there is life after fame, too. And more fame, of course. But what`s next for Lady Gaga? Could this get even better? Let`s ask the cards.

Timea`s Verdict:

Three of Pentacles: It seems like there is even more fame on the horizon for Gaga, and her hard work and careful planning is going to pay off. She is passionate about her work, and this will be a time when she can afford to concentrate on the fun and creative aspect of it. Way to go, Gaga!

Queen of Wands: Her creativity will thrive, making her able to fulfil her own needs, as well as those surrounding her. It will also have a huge social impact (which we can already spot if we have a look at her social media accounts), and her well-balanced, nurturing nature will come to the surface once again. I guess that`s one of the reasons why so many people love her.

Page of Cups: The event is going to be very emotional, and vital in regards to future progress. She has a youthful, even innocent attitude towards it, but at the same time she may feel a tad bit insecure and nervous. Don`t worry Gaga, you have plenty of supporters, so rest assured, everything is going to work out for the best, followed by many great events. Remember, if you believe that anything is possible, so it will be.

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