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Have Larry King and wife Shawn kissed and made up?

Have Larry King and wife Shawn kissed and made up?

Have Larry King and wife Shawn kissed and made up?

They married in 1997 and are due to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary on the 5th September.   Despite being plagued with rumors of cheating, octogenarian Larry King and his 56-year-old wife Shawn appear to have kissed and made up. The couple previously filed for divorce in 2010 following infidelity claims, but they are now (re)united and holding hands in Beverley Hills. 82-year-old Larry has dismissed rumors that Shawn had an affair with their sons’ baseball coach. He also denied that he had slept with his wife’s sister. 

Larry’s delightful former wife (no.6) Julia fanned the flames by claiming her ex-husband’s current marriage is a charade. Julia was married to Larry from 1989 to 1992. Larry reportedly sued her for slander, the case being settled in 1994. I wonder if she hoped he would marry her for a second time like he did with Alene Akins whom he married twice in the 60’s separating for good in the early 70’s.

I have to say that since Larry’s previous marriages have struggled to last beyond a few years, Shawn’s obviously doing something right. Marjorie Williams’s book ‘Portraits of Power’ may offer a snippet into the psyche of the great man himself. She has dedicated a whole chapter to Larry.

Larry has been married eight times to seven wives. Larry and Shawn have two teenage sons.

Véronique’s Verdict 

A special tarot deck is needed for a special man, so we drew 3 cards from the Casanova Tarot. We have the Five of Pentacles, the King of Wands and the Knight of Chalices. The five of pentacles is very much a card of crossing the line and wishing to retrace one’s steps. I feel that Larry is not ready to let his wife go and however this toxic relationship is managing to work, it’s working for Larry and Shawn. I wonder which of the couple had a glimpse of what life would be like without the other. The king of wands shows an honesty within this relationship. Irrespective of what the media and ex-wives have to say, Larry and Shawn know what they’re dealing with and in many relationships that can be half the battle. There is a sense of fun behind a formal front with these two. The knight of chalices is very the card pertaining to the cheating rumors. It represents the seducer and the invitation to seduce. The three cards are pictorially symbolic in that all faces are covered. This symbolizes the important in how the couple are perceived by the outside world, regardless of their reality. Larry is 82, Shawn is 56 and they have two children. I feel that they will continue on their path. Good luck to both!

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