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Leah Remini Celebrates ‘Amazing First Week’ On ‘Kevin Can Wait’ After Casting Change

Leah Remini Celebrates Kevin Can Wait

Leah Remini Celebrates ‘Amazing First Week’ On ‘Kevin Can Wait’ After Casting Change

Well it looks like CBS has made a drastic change in their casting of “Kevin Can Wait” to alter a sitcom with already high ratings in hopes the pairing of Leah Remini and Kevin James will recreate another unofficial “King of Queens” and bring in even higher numbers. Erinn Hayes who played Kevin James wife Donna, for the first season has been let go and now replaced with the familiar face of his long-time co-star, Leah Remini. She guest-starred on a few episodes as wise-cracking police officer Vanessa Cellucci. Apparently, it must have gotten someone on the writing team thinking if we have a good show with Hayes, we might possibly have a great show with Remini.

It seems everyone is all settled in as the new series regular Remini shared a few photos from her “amazing first week” on set. Although it’s unclear if they will be romantically involved this season, the story has James’ character Kevin working for Vanessa at a security agency, reuniting them after time spent together on the police force, according to Deadline. CBS is promising fans of the new show, this will not just be an updated new version or reboot of the “King of Queens.” “I think when everybody collectively saw how Leah and Kevin were together in those last couple of episodes, there was an undeniable spark there,” CBS president Kelly Kahl said at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I think Leah and the studio and network got together and we wanted to keep that magic together.” Hayes character will be killed off, (ouch!) CBS revealed, and Season 2 will pick up after her death. Sources close to the show have stated the decision to let go of Hayes had nothing to do with the actress’ performance. Rather, the series decided to go in another creative direction that will likely focus on Kevin’s return to the police force. While it’s nice to know that Hayes wasn’t fired for her solid performance on the sitcom, the announcement is still very surprising. “Kevin Can Wait” will return Sept. 25 on CBS.

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

It is very rare that you see a major character being replaced, especially a main character the series is written around. They obviously feel what has worked in the past will work again and was willing to make the change. As Hayes is not a major known TV name, it was more than likely an easy decision to make. Regardless of how nicely Hayes is taking the firing, it has to smart just a little….that’s showbiz folks!

Transformation and the dying out of the old. This is a perfect card for the decision made to replace Hayes with Remini.

Five of Pentacles:

Low self-esteem and less than mentality. I feel this card shows the studio’s attitude of “we can make this show better with Remini.”

Four of Cups:
Feeling stuck and bored in a situation. This card might represent the writers attitude of where the show was going with Hayes as the leading lady so shaking it up with Remini was the results.

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