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Learn to Read Tarot the Easy Way

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Learn to Read Tarot the Easy Way: Part I

So, you want to read Tarot for yourself, your friends, or make the transition of becoming a professional. There are so many levels of Tarot skills merged with other psychic gifts, to say someone is JUST reading the Tarot cards is always short of the real truth. But you have to start somewhere, right?

The first thing I will share with you as a Tarot reader is that I don’t follow any guidelines or how to’s, I got thrown into reading Tarot by a friend who had listened to me express my fear that my counseling practice was dwindling and I needed to make extra money. My unenlightened choice was, cashiering at Publix grocery store. After about an hour of listening to me whine, my friend said (I had no Tarot experience but a lot of gifts not usually associated with Tarot), “Give me a reading.” My first words were, “Are you crazy, I have no idea what the cards mean!” (She was an excellent reader) Her answer was; “Do it anyway!”

That is the secret of learning Tarot easily, LET THE CARDS SPEAK TO YOU IN ANY FORM THEY CHOSE! For example: I use the Celtic Cross spread but use 11 cards, not 10. Between the Present day and the Strengths of character card, I use an extra Tarot card I call the Decision-Making card. Which I feel is the most powerful card position in the spread. It is the energy you must make for choices that can change a future outcome.

Here are my top six tips for Tarot Beginners; some will resonate with you and some may set your teeth on edge. I have been reading Tarot, intertwined with my other gifts for over 25 years and I am still amazed at how in the hell can the cards have the same exact answers I just channeled. (My reading style is: I channel information on questions and then let the Tarot cards support or clarify what I have just been told.

  1. Keep it simple. The Celtic Cross spread is a lot to remember with countless positions and reversals. It’s easy to get lost in the complex system that makes Tarot magic but if you try to learn all of these systems at once, you’ll find yourself becoming quickly overwhelmed. Start with the 3-card spread; Past, Present and Future. Once you master that, then give the Celtic Cross a go.
  2. Create that personal connection with your Tarot deck. It took me five decks before I found the one I connected with. (The Spiral Tarot) Why did it resonate for me, who knows? but they were beautiful, I am a Libra) and I relate to visual stimuli. Each Tarot card related a story to me or answered what I needed to know and I went from there. Many readers use several decks for different energetic levels and some just use one. If you find one deck that loves you or if you find a dozen, you will know what to do with them or will.
  3. Cheat! Yes, I said cheat! Until you get comfortable connecting with what the cards are saying to you. What I mean by that is when I was teaching myself to give readings, I wrote with a fine point black marking pen around the edges of the card until I had them memorized. Trust me, it works a whole hell of a lot better than constantly having to refer to the book. Of course, have a second unmarked deck to see how well you are doing. Lol!
  4. Draw a tarot card every day. The best way to learn Tarot and to create that personal connection is to daily draw a single card. Ask the Tarot, “What energy do I need to focus on today?” and proactively manifest that energy throughout your day. Over time, your personal connection with the Tarot will grow.
  5. Tune in to your intuition. Easier said than done, right? Put down the books, all the thinking and simply tune into energy from the Tarot card in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you connect with a different meaning of the card from what the books say. What you are doing is connecting with your intuitive read of the card, which is always more powerful than “by the book.”
  6. Read the cards for yourself and anyone who is willing to sit with you. Then do the reading without expectations or judgement. It is an amazing self-discovery tool, as you will find.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Forget all the rules and let your gifts flow and connect with the Tarot cards. There is no right answer or wrong answer when you are learning to communicate with your cards. And for God’s sake, give yourself a break if nothing comes to mind or your answer doesn’t feel right! “Practice is what counts”…..and NO, I did not say “Practice makes perfect” because it doesn’t exist. No psychic is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. There are just too many variables in the universe that meddle with your circumstances.

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