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Learning To Create A Life You Actually Like


Learning To Create A Life You Actually Like

I am the author of a book called Soul Windows…. Secrets From The Divine, counselor, psychic advisor and life coach. What I love doing the most is psychic advice. Why? Because sometimes you have the chance to get someone to understand why they are not getting what they want out of life in a 15-minute psychic reading versus seeing a counselor.

I have taken a few excerpts from my book mentioned above, to point out that how you look at the world from the inside out versus how you think the world treats you is crucial. What you believe you are is what is attracted to you; abundance, love, health, peace and just plain feeling good about you, regardless.

I would always ask these questions during counseling someone new, with the beginning phrase of: “If I had a magic fairy wand and I could wave it right now and give you the perfect life, what would that look like?” The reason I did this was to get them to start thinking of the possibility of actually creating what they really wanted out of life. Letting go of the idea they must settle for circumstances they feel stuck with in the moment.

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The beauty of having this human experience is you get the opportunity to learn how to unconditionally love yourself, not in spite of your flaws and shortcomings but because of them. You are having a soul experience and regardless of what it may appear to be from the perspective of your tribal laws, family values, legalities and moral judgments, to the soul it is just the experience it wanted and created for you. A soul experiences a life journey to learn, feel and release the emotions that keeps us separated from unconditional acceptance.

I have a helpful spirit guide that loves the movies, so I am constantly being given little movie clairvoyant snippets that gets the point across very effectively. One of my favorite movies is “Something’s Got To Give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. There is a scene where they are having dinner in Paris for her birthday and she is a little drunk. A comment is made how she cannot hold her liquor and gets intoxicated on just one drink. Her response to that comment explains exactly the point I am trying to make. Her awesome answer was, “I like that about myself!” She acknowledges their perception of her so-called flaw, makes no apologies for it and embraces the supposed flaw as part of who she is.

That is what unconditional love and acceptance of self looks. Life is not about you trying for perfection, not possible! It is about the acceptance of everything of who you really are: a spiritual being having a human experience, what an awesome experience! So, when you think you do stupid things, face plant in embarrassment and humiliation over another failed relationship, you cry and think you have failed again, become disappointed in yourself and life in general, it is just the journey.

Sometimes there are points in your life you feel amazing about yourself and other times not so much. The whole point of the life journey is to learn to not be attached to what you have done but being in complete and unconditional acceptance of who is making the choices during the experience, YOU!

I am not saying we have control over everything that happens in this chaotic world, because we don’t, but we do have the power of changing what we are in control of. It may be a hard decision or even an easy “aha” moment but it will take work and I can guarantee you that if you are willing to put in the work to make the changes, they HAVE to come. It is the LAW OF ATTRACTION!

I am going to simplify some changes you can make. You can’t change your partner, what your job’s rules are or get your kids to listen to you all the time but what you can change is your attitude about yourself.

  1. Don’t like your job, change your attitude first and if still no results, find another one.
  2. Feel blah about the way you look, do something outrageously different. Put temporary purple streaks in your hair, buy that “bling” top AND wear it to work.
  3. DO things that will make you smile, just for you and then go do more!

Susan Z’s Verdict

Of course, the suggestions I made are all fluff and buff when we are facing real life deep shit problems but the idea is those changes came from the inside out, YOU! The more you do of them, the more the feeling will grow and you will start addressing the big issues that break your heart, leave you feeling unappreciated or believing the terrible lie that you might just be unlovable. The Universe made you, therefore you HAVE to be loved. The work comes in with you learning the new tools in order to believe it and put it into action.

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  1. I have been following you for quit sometime now and I have come to realize what you say is more true then the reads I have on other guides !!! I will one day meet you in person ..for this I know …where and when is still the fascinating part lol …keep up you amazing blessing that the universe had gifted you with …for that im blessed and grateful for…until wr meet !!! Monica

  2. I went to bed thinking of the move”somethings got to give”. Woke up , read a story and you use that movie to give an example! Cool…..

  3. Monica,
    Thank you for your kind words on my input for 7th Sense articles. So glad the information that is shared is making a difference. It all comes from One Source and happy to share with our readers what is given. And you are right, who knows what the Universe has in mind for us “bumping” into each other one day.
    Susan Z

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