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Learning To Laugh At Yourself


Learning To Laugh At Yourself

Some of the most together people I know that have learned to maneuver through life’s journey and still be at peace with what is going on around them are those that have the ability to laugh at themselves without an ounce of judgement. They are great teachers and if you are fortunate enough to know someone like that, hang out with them a lot, for they will change you for the better.

Learning to laugh at yourself is the simplest path to inner peace. It also helps us be more compassionate, resilient and kind. To learn to laugh at yourself, you must have a well-developed sense of self-awareness. But even more important is a high level of self-acceptance. If we were are lucky enough to have grown up in an environment that encourages these abilities, then you find it easy to come by…even through the biggest life challenges. If you were not so blessed, it is something that has to be worked on every day and learn to put great effort into developing them.

We live in a society where judgement is a form of sport. Internet trolls, jealous friends and co-workers to name a few. Learning to laugh at oneself, even after hearing the most God-awful thing said about you has one key factor that is an absolute. If you can master this, then you will be able to find the humor in just about everything that does not go well for you in the eyes of others. That one thing is….”to not be attached to the good opinion of others”. When you can learn to laugh at what others have judged you for or even something stupid you actually did, you are making a universal statement loud and clear that your opinion of yourself is more valued than someone else’s opinion of you. And that is exactly how it should be.

Many people are frightened by these judgments and believe that pleasing others and accepting another’s viewpoint of who they think you are somehow defines you. Learning to laugh at yourself is a way to become independent of other’s opinions.

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Here are some tips from the professionals to put that laughter into play.

  1. Get a balanced perspective on who you really are and who you want to be. Get rid of the “should be” from your thinking and behavior. What makes us unique as human beings is that we are NOT the same. If you know you are OCD about something, then embrace it if it does no harm. Think mailbox scene in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”. Everyone will want you to be the way they want you to be but if you are comfortable with your idiosyncrasies, then you can just laugh about them being uncomfortable with your habit.
  2. Develop a healthy self-interest in who you are, what you do and how you do it. To learn how to laugh at yourself, you have to turn down the narcissism, which only produces frustration in oneself and turn up the healthy self-interest. Narcissism has to do with a feeling of personal pride based on other’s opinions of you. Healthy self-interest is all about trying to seek out the best for ourselves before we look for it from others.
  3. Be kind to yourself when you are judging a situation where you might have screwed up. We can be our harshest critics and if we do this too often, our self-esteem will take the hit. Don’t demand from yourself more than what you are capable of. Saying, doing, or thinking something wrong isn’t a life-threatening sin. It is a weakness that makes us more human. Making mistakes gives us the opportunity to improve and keep growing.
  4. Learn to just count on yourself to get who you are. No one knows you better than you, so don’t let that inner voice not support you. Be quick to forgive yourself and try your damndest to not go blaming others for how you feel about yourself. Being excessively harsh on ourselves only leads to emotional distress.
  5. Exercise your reasons to laugh every day. Laughter is wonderful for emotional health and helps us to learn in life to go with the flow and release control issues. It helps us take life less seriously and allows it to flow more spontaneously. Learning to laugh at yourself is fundamental to good mental health and helps us socially. When we understand that arrogance and pride will just make us miserable, we can accept that humility, on the other hand, makes us less sensitive to criticism, teasing, and other people’s opinions.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Laughter can bring lightness to any situation, regardless of how emotionally heavy it is. The laughter does not necessarily have to be about the situation but can raise the vibrations to letting go of the anger, judgement or frustration. Plus, people who laugh a lot are fun to be around and learning to laugh at yourself makes you wonderful company for yourself and others.

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