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LEGO ’s new collection honours NASA Women

LEGO ’s new collection honours NASA Women

LEGO ’s new collection honours NASA Women

Ever since its launch in the 1930’s, LEGO has been building a momentum for its brand. It started with building blocks and now it’s one of the most famous toys a child could play with. The blocks were soon accompanied by tiny yellow figures, each representing a role or a job. Most of us will remember the farmer’s set, the spaceships and animal farms, the different tradesmen. The tiny yellow figures have been a part of child development since the beginning. Today, LEGO is present around the world, helping kids improve their skills.

They didn’t stop there. LEGO started to follow themes and new icons are being immortalized each year in a tiny form. From famous movie characters to celebrities, LEGO has created a diverse range of figures. Although, most of them were (are) male role-models, which caused a lot of controversy. People started to question whether the famous company was being sexist and didn’t consider female achievements important.

There was a limited edition ‘Research set’ in 2014 consisting of three female characters in response. In 2018, LEGO is planning to launch a NASA set, featuring remarkable women in space history. With a slogan “Ladies rock outer space”, it truly shows appreciation. However, this set might be limited edition as well. One could argue whether this possibility adds to the figures’ value, making them special and one of a kind. There are also others who feel this brings with it a different statement. One that’s saying that LEGO is only willing to appreciate women for a limited period of time.

So, what’s the truth? Will this new set be an example, encouraging girls to achieve their dreams? Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

King of Swords:
This card represents an objective point of view and a lot of research has been put into the project. LEGO wants to depict the truth and the truth alone. So, in a way, its only aim is to honour these women and give them the credit they deserve.

Six of Swords:
This card represents the path of LEGO since the beginning. They had to make some tough choices and leave old ways behind. This might be the beginning of a huge shift within the industry. They accept that things need to change and more female role-models need to be included in their sets.

Seven of Cups:
This card brings a dreamy atmosphere with it. It certainly seems like LEGO has big dreams for the future. The only question is whether it is wishful thinking, or they will manage to act on it, too. If we can judge by what they have achieved so far, then the answer is obvious. Watch out for future female Lego figures.


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