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Leonardo DiCaprio raises $45 million following gala charity event in St Tropez.

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Leonardo DiCaprio raises $45 million following gala charity event in St Tropez.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to raise awareness and seek support for environmental issues and research, this year raising a mammoth $45 million. Since its conception in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation works and collaborates to support climate change, conservation and the protection of animal and plant species and various other projects pertaining to the same. His celebrity friends were on hand with their ostentatious donations, hence the $45 million.  As part of the charity auction Leonardo gave up some personal items of his own including a Rolex watch and diamond cufflinks and if his heart was not big enough, he offered some of the proceeds to victims of the recent atrocities in Nice, France.  This star-studded event attended by Hollywood actors and supermodels alike saw performances from Andrea Bocelli and Lana del Rey. What a magnanimous bunch this celebrity lot are. Well done Hollywood!

Véronique’s Verdict

So what do the cards say for this environmental crusader masquerading as a Hollywood star with a penchant for supermodels? Leonardo drew the Ace of Hearts, the Queen of Swords and the Four of Pentacles. I feel that the Ace of Hearts is representative of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation itself, it began many years ago but Leonardo’s tireless campaigning makes it feel new and current. The foundation continues to be successful due to the life-giving power in which all may partake. Hearts symbolize emotions and despite the huge amounts of money raised it continues to be a labour of love for Leonardo. The Queen of Swords represents the actual charity event, the apparent frivolity of the celebrities and the perceived superficiality of everyone having fun dancing the night away. This card is very much about the continuation of ideas and the volume of information of maintaining a project of this magnitude. The party will come to an end and a period of solitude will be necessitated to devote concentrated efforts to the matter at hand. The Four of Wands is the card of completion. The ceremony and celebration now done, the good fortune allowing all to enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to something bigger than themselves. Although this is very much a work in progress, for now, Leonardo is safe in the knowledge that his best efforts have reaped rewards for yet another year. Long may it continue!

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