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Let’s Stop Grouping Everyone Into Labels


Let’s Stop Grouping Everyone Into Labels

Let’s face it, we all get “judgy” from time to time due to our tribal upbringing, politics, news, movies, television, our own lack in our self-esteem or the need the put people in categories where we feel more comfortable. Lumping people into the ridiculous saying of: “People like you are all like that!” allows judgement and bigotry. When we allow others to assume they know who we really are, the truth is; “it is their “shit”, not yours.”

Just like fingerprints, there are no two people alike in the world. You are unique in your own ways, maybe part of a larger group but definitely only YOU! When you allow others, or do it yourself, to give yourself a label, you have stripped yourself of the one thing that makes you, YOU. The differences that are just really cool. Maybe sometimes a little annoying, sometimes crazy, sometimes doing things even your own mother can’t explain where THAT! came from but that is what makes everyone we come in contact with so wonderful. That uniqueness! When you allow someone to label you into a big lump, then the YOU who is so special, gets lost in other ridiculous opinions and assumptions.

That is why it is so important to not allow anyone to label you to an extent that you have lost your authentic self in your eyes. If their labels are right, then own them with pride! If you are a “chocoholic to the max”, own it. Don’t let others make you feel because you are that way, somehow you are broken or less than. What is even more important to unload is the derogatory labels used to identify someone. Now is the time to stop doing it yourself and recognize it is their own their own crap when they label you; it’s not yours, you are awesome regardless.

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Below are listed a few labels that I am sure have been thrown at you and that you even used to allow the ego to feel bigger and righteous! We are all ONE and even if you belong to that label, you will still be YOU! under a bigger label. Be aware of what labels you give others and don’t accept the labels that others give you, unless you like it!

  1. Blonde bimbo! I know some blonds that are rocket scientists and that is no pun, they actually are, so dump that!
  2. Slut! Our sexual history is different for everyone. What one considers a slut is after sleeping with 10 guys, some 100, some just 2. Drop that one like a hot potato! Who is to say what promiscuity is? It’s different for every culture.
  3. Illegal immigrants. Are you kidding! Just because someone has an accent does not mean they climbed over a wall to get here. (Hear that Mr. President!)
  4. Retarded. Get into the 21st century folks! Unless your brain is not functioning at all, everyone has gifts they can offer and teach us what mental value looks like!
  5. Socialist. If you do not understand the distinction between fascism, communism and socialism, don’t use any of these words to describe people. There is a world of difference in beliefs between them.
  6. Dopers/Addict/Alcoholic. We have now been educated that just because you imbibe in social highness such as alcohol, marijuana or whatever, does not make you a heroin addict on the street and even jokingly it should not be inferred someone is.
  7. Crazy. We use that word way too freely with some people taking offense to it because crazy is something that has no boundaries and no control. We may act a little crazy sometimes but that does not label us as being crazy.
  8. Sexual orientation. Gay, bi-sexual, transgender and every other form of sexual identity is just that, a preference, not a thing.
  9. Fat! It is derogatory, demeaning and descriptive through the eyes of the idiot that uses the term. What is fat in one culture, is voluptuous in another. Who cares what size a body comes in, you are still you!
  10. Republican/Democratic. The United States is exceptionally polarized when it comes to politics at the moment. When we vote, most of us identify as Republican or Democratic. Yet, this does not describe everything about us or our values, despite the fact that people still seem determined to make judgement by political affiliations.

Susan Z’s Verdict

These are just a few of the labels we casually throw out to others and feel the judgement of them coming in our direction. If you own who you are, regardless if your thing is wearing a chicken suit on the weekend, own it and make it your own special thing, as it is part of who you are. No judgement, (well maybe a few stares and chuckles) but it’s just being who you are. Embrace it!

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