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Life on Mars…Hawaiian style!


Life on Mars…Hawaiian style!

Life on Mars is no holiday by all accounts, but for the latest batch of six NASA researchers. It will be ‘hula hula’ all the way to the summit of Mauna Loa, Hawaii. The lucky six volunteers who were selected from more than 700 hopefuls, are preparing themselves for an eight-month co-existence on a diet of freeze-dried food and cramped, isolating conditions on planet Earth’s biggest volcano.

The six will mimic the Martian journey as they ‘reside’ in a dome as part of a study which will assist NASA in preparing astronauts for the next actual journey to Mars. The aim of the simulation is to find the best factors for maintaining the group’s positivity and cohesion, the experts hope to learn how to lessen any challenging situations. Data will be collected pertaining to the human experience and used when planning future expeditions. It’s believed that the main challenge faced is psychological; as in getting a small group of people to work together in a confined area over an extended period of time.

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, which is running the trip, or rather, the simulation, continues to receive $millions in funding from NASA.

In October 2016, President Obama set a goal of sending humans to Mars with the intention of bringing them back to Earth safely in one piece. wonder if Mr Trump has plans to send folks there in the future, more importantly will the new POTUS happily allocate the cash needed.


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Véronique’s Verdict

Let’s see what the cards say. We drew the Emperor, the Queen of Pentacles and the Three of Hearts.

The Emperor
This represents HI-SEAs. The dedication from the team of experts to create further opportunities to explore the universe knows no bounds. With reasoned logic HI-SEAS will work remove boundaries in their bid for future space travel.

The Queen of Pentacles
This tells us that the surreal fantasy of exploring space will be backed up by facts and figures that warrant the amount of cash needed to fund such an out of this world study.

The Three of Hearts
This says that the simulation will achieve its aim and considered a success.

I feel that Mr Trump will embrace future space travel wholeheartedly and promote its benefits to his tax-paying citizens. Let the countdown commence.


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