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Life’s a beach for conscious re- coupler’s Gwyneth Paltrow and ex-hubby Chris.

Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin

Life’s a beach for conscious re- coupler’s Gwyneth Paltrow and ex- hubby Chris.

Newly divorced Gwyneth Paltrow appeared relaxed as she cuddled and fussed over 10-year-old son Moses, topping up his fluids with bottled water whilst spending the day with ex-husband, 39-year-old Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. The ex’s looked like any other family happily playing on the beach. They have reportedly worked hard to maintain friendly relations with each other for the sake of their children. Well done both!

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did the newly divorced couple draw? We have the Nine of Pentacles, the Queen of Swords and the King of Hearts. Gwyneth and Chris have worked hard to maintain as friendly a relationship as possible for the sake of their children and should be applauded, their relationship has become the embodiment of the mind and of the spirit. They are able to engage romantically with respective suitors without impacting on their desire to preserve the perception of their nuclear family. Any of the 78 Tarot cards may represent an individual at varying points within their journey through life. In its most basic form, we may say that the Queen of Swords is the female astrological air sign Libra, Gwyneth and the King of Hearts is the male astrological water sign Pisces, Chris. They have managed to find the healthy balance that some couples may only dream of, there is an acceptance of the less appealing qualities that they may possess since they are no longer obligated to each other through marriage. They can play the dutiful parents, which let’s face it, they have this down to a fine art, however, I feel that Gwyneth is the driving force behind this healthy arrangement versus Chris’ can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em passive-aggressive stance. I don’t believe that it’s truly over for these two and not just because they are engaged in the united parents scenario. Vive la différence!

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