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Lindsey Lohan. Is she dating again already?

Lindsay Lohan Dating

Lindsey Lohan. Is she dating again already?

Lindsey’s volatile relationship with fiancé Egor Tarabasov was short lived. Their relationship made headlines for all the wrong reasons and now Lindsey has allegedly become serious with a new guy, Dennis Papageorgiou. Dennis was the guy who apparently rescued her following the ‘beach row’ she had with Egor. The very public spat was recorded on a phone camera and showed Lohan tossing Egor’s mobile phone from their parked vehicle together with the ensuing scuffle between them as Egor attempted to retrieve his phone from the sand.

Lindsey and Dennis were reportedly friends while Lindsey was still engaged to Egor. Dennis was in a relationship with his model girlfriend. Their friendship has quickly progressed to something more and Dennis’ model girlfriend appears to have been removed from his life.

Lindsey confessed that she could not stay in a relationship just for love. Well done to her for removing herself from such a toxic and potentially damaging tie, but is she wise to get involved with someone new so soon?

Véronique’s Verdict

Lindsey drew The Four of Wands, The Ten of Wands and The Ten of Swords. I feel that Lindsey is looking for a happy every after right now. The Four of Wands is that of completion, optimism, and celebration. Lindsey is seeking a relationship with someone who completes her. She wants a permanent connection with her ‘other half’. The issue here is that Lindsey’s relationships reflect her own personal qualities and some of these may not be great. Her relationships will be good to start off with but the fairy tale scenario is not meant to be forever lasting and this is when the relationship requires commitment and compromise.

The Ten of Wands shows that Lindsey is carrying emotional baggage from the past and this should be addressed before she moves on to another guy.

The Ten of Swords shows that she is looking for her knight in shining armor to take her away from the problems of the past. A healthy connection should be equal. When it borders on co-dependence then there is a power imbalance. Lindsey has achieved financial success and this offers many choices moving forward, but she has yet to achieve the emotional stability within herself that is needed in healthy and happy relationships. I feel that Lindsey will follow her heart wherever it takes her, but someone in her situation is strongly advised to work on her own internal structure before getting emotionally involved with someone new. I wish Lindsey all the best. 

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