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Lindsey Vonn opens her heart to Bear Grylls. Is there love after heartbreak?

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Lindsey Vonn opens her heart to Bear Grylls. Is there love after heartbreak?

World champion skier Lindsey Vonn opened her heart to famous survivalist Bear Grylls during her appearance on his Running Wild survival show. The heartbroken athlete has revealed her doubts around the sanctity of marriage. The non-judgemental action man listened intently to her tale of woe. 31-year-old Lindsey married quite young aged 22 to fellow skier Thomas Vonn. Hindsight tells her that it was a terrible mistake. Yes, we know all about hindsight, don’t we!

After famously becoming involved with world champion golfer Tiger Woods, she endured further heartbreak. However, Lindsey and the infamous serial philanderer have remained friends following their three-year relationship.

Future marriage is definitely not an option for the former athlete. Never say never, Lindsey. She maintains that relationships are far less complicated when marriage is taken out of the equation. Although she did imply that it would be good to find the right man despite it eluding her all these years. She’s not yet found the guy who can accept her for her true self. A rarity she believes. Nothing like a dodgy relationship or two to minimize a lifetime of hard work and fill an open heart with regrets.

There is one man, though. Lindsey hugely admired her grandfather gained her respect. The father-daughter relationship, however, proved to be challenging. Lindsey’s father coached her until the age of sixteen and although her family sacrificed a lot for her career, they did not speak for six years.

Oh dear! Surely it’s not all bad. Is there relationship hope in Lindsey’s future?


Véronique’s Verdict


Lindsey drew the Nine of Swords, The Hierophant and The Four of Pentacles. No surprises here. Whether she realizes it or not, Lindsey is carrying the emotional weight of the world on her shoulders. Emotional demons, repressed hurts and childhood fears have a free run in Lindsey’s mind. The energy around these fears is a little chaotic and there is a feeling that there’s not a lot she can do about it, possibly even holding the relationships accountable without really understanding the part that she played. A relationship will always be a two-way thing. Lindsey may find that she is drawn to a particular type of guy.

With the greatest respect, this former world champion should allow herself to deal with past burdens. Sometimes just admitting that we have a role to play in the breakdown of a relationship, we may gain the knowledge we need in order to move on having confronted our demons. I feel that she has started to do this already but further work is needed. The Hierophant is the commitment that Lindsey has to herself. Our primary relationships go a long way in setting the template for our adult relationships. Lindsey spoke fondly of her grandfather and less so of her father.

I feel that Lindsey is ready to break the negative relationship pattern that she has found herself in. If she can begin to forgive then inner healing will allow transformation within her heart. She knows that ‘good guys’ exist through the connection with her grandfather. The Four of Pentacles comes up a lot in readings where relationships are challenging. Once Lindsey learns to let go of the preconceived belief system that is no longer serving her then she will find the emotional freedom that she desperately needs. There is definite hope for the future, but she should learn to accept and understand herself before allowing someone new into her life. Best wishes to Lindsey for the future.



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