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19-Year-Old Lip Kit Mogul Kylie Jenner Is Rich, Like, Really Rich

Lip Kit Mogul Kylie Jenner

19-Year-Old Lip Kit Mogul Kylie Jenner Is Rich, Like, Really Rich

Kylie Jenner first released three lip kit products in November 2015 but didn’t formally launch the company until three months later after partnering with manufacturer Oxnard. The first product drop included 5,000 units of each lip kit, which go for $29 each. They sold out in seconds. Now, Kylie produces up to 300,000 units for every new shade, which she regularly advertises to her massive following on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.
#“I want to keep building it,” Kylie said. “Just show people what I can do on my own.” It is because of this massive following she has on Snapchat and other social media that has turned this young entrepreneur into becoming one of the most successful 19-year olds on the planet. In just 18 months she has amassed a staggering $420 million in retail sales from her Kylie Lip Kits. It is predicted to become a billion-dollar company in less than five years.

How did she do it? For one thing, she is obsessed with makeup and lipstick and her young female fans are obsessed with her. They watched her transform herself from the ugly duckling outcast in the big, bold and beautiful Kardashian clan to a sexy knockout with all the accoutrements that go along with it. With a little help from surgery and cosmetically enhanced lips, she now has “the look” that sells anything, big boobs and sexy pouty lips. Her mother Kris Jenner made this comment about Kylie’s business success in the cosmetic business: “I think people were surprised that the brand was so successful, because it’s something that Kylie created, but didn’t really expect the whole business to be the perfect storm,” Kris said. “It just kind of exploded,” she added. “I think she’s proved that she is [a player in this business].”

When Kylie launched the line last year with the flagship product, Kylie’s Lip Kits—pairs of matte liquid lipstick and lip liner in nude, pink, and brown that retail for $29, it sold out within minutes. (On eBay, one Lip Kit listed for $255 had 48 bids.) Since then, Jenner’s churned out new Lip Kits, in bolder colors like orange, black, and turquoise. All have sold at a similarly brisk pace and Jenner’s fall-inspired lip kits launched on October 12 also quickly sold out. She puts up Snapchat tutorials and offers her fans giveaway prizes. It is as Kris Jenner stated, the perfect storm. Her young devoted fans can’t get enough of her product, regardless if they are no better than cheaper versions of them. They all want to be Kylie! The ugly duckling that turned into a cosmetic mogul swan right in front of their eyes. All with just a little help of surgery, enhancements and a lot of money.

Kylie Learned From The Best (Kris) On How To Take Advantage Of A Money Making Opportunity

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Kylie’s Lip Kits will ride the crest of popularity until it doesn’t. I feel there are a lot of business smarts going on here and she will then move on to the next money-making opportunity. Right now, it is young girl’s adoration and she will have at least a couple more years to milk that.

Nine of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
Depression and not feeling good about oneself. This card says it all about Kylie’s need to become more than what she was. She has always idolized her big sister Kim, so it would be only natural that she would go the route of selling sexuality and try to look like her.

The Emperor:
A male controlling energy who wants power and needs to be top dog. I actually believe this is Kylie’s underlying personality, driven for success. Her sisters were made famous by their mother Kris’s social media manipulations but Kylie has her own driven agenda.

The World:
Inverted Ultimate success in what you are trying to achieve and with a happy conclusion. Pulled inverted, this supports that perfect storm theory of being at the right time and at the right place to have her cosmetic line be so successful with all her young fans who relate to her.

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