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Lisa Marie Presley getting back on track after the acrimonious split from husband Michael Lockwood.


Lisa Marie Presley getting back on track after the acrimonious split from husband Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie Presley is allegedly detoxing in a determined effort to get her life back on track again. She has talked about drug abuse in the past and maintains that she never became an addict. However, she did reveal that pressing the self-destruct button seemed to be the order of the day. She is being supported by her mother Priscilla who evidently visits every day as well as friends and family.

Lisa Marie filed for divorce from 55-year-old husband of 10 years guitarist Michael Lockwood. She cited irreconcilable differences. Lisa Marie wishes to gain full custody of their seven-year-old twin daughters.

Ever the optimist, Lisa Marie has married four times in her search for love. She has four children, Riley 27, Benjamin 25 and seven-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley.

The sole heir to Elvis Presley’s $300million estate, Lisa Marie is not seeking further support from her estranged husband.


Véronique’s Verdict

Lisa Marie drew the Seven of Pentacles, the Two of Hearts and the Three of Wands. This is a lady who believes that true love exists. Despite four marriages I do not feel that she will cease in her quest for true love. She has hit a bump in the road! These days, many couples are citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for divorce. Emotional abusive being high on the list. The Seven of Pentacles show the issues and frustrations around money. Lisa Marie began this relationship with hope. Time and patience will allow her to take lessons from the positives and negatives that the marriage gave. The Two of Hearts represents the children. The twins. It is the fairyland where love is cherished and encouraged. Lisa Marie will focus her energies on being the best mother that she can. The Three of Wands shows that she will be back to her playful self when she has received the help that she needs. There is much love and support right now and I feel that she knows this. Lisa Marie will work towards the best future for herself and her family.


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