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Lisa Simpson for 46th President!

Lisa Simpson future president

Lisa Simpson for 46th President!

‘We’ll get President Lisa Simpson someday – but only after President Trump…’ was the prediction made more than fifteen years ago in an episode of The Simpsons titled, ‘Bart to the Future.’

The episode included many things, one of them being a quip about ‘President Trump,’ who ‘tanked’ the US economy. Another was the smart and principled Lisa Simpson who was elected President of the United States in order to clean up the mess left by the Trump Presidency. Ouch!
Apparently, back in March the person responsible for writing the episode, Dan Greaney, told The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Lisa comes into the presidency when America is on the ropes, and that is the condition left by the Trump presidency. What we needed was for Lisa to have problems that were beyond her fixing, that everything went as bad as it possibly could, and that’s why we had Trump be president before her.’
And so, in another case of life imitating art, Mr Trump has claimed the Presidency this week. I think we know who has the last laugh!

Véronique’s Verdict

The focus on today’s cards was very much around the attitude of the winning Presidential candidate.
Mr Trump drew the Ace of Swords, the Lovers and the Star.

The Ace of Swords represents Mr Trump living his truth. I have to say that the new president almost looked as surprised and shell shocked as the rest of the world when he succeeded in becoming the next US President. He is an individual who learns, very quickly. He is already a force of nature for many reasons and this card reveals that he will concentrate on principals and not on form.

The Lovers card is Mr Trumps significator. This Major Arcana card represents the Astrological sign Gemini. His life has been laid out and dissected for all the world to see and he has not changed from the person who he essentially is.

The Star reveals a miracle and an increase in status. Something of an understatement. This card shows the pure enjoyment of ideas and concepts. Of course, Mr Trump will be surrounded by experts who will offer the best guidance and he will know to listen in order to work with the greater good.

And Lisa Simpson? That’s down to the Simpsons script writers!

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