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Long Term Rewards With The Seven Of Pentacles Tarot

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Long Term Rewards With The Seven Of Pentacles Tarot

When the Seven of Pentacles shows up in a reading spread, whatever you have been putting your energy into, you are ready to see the rewards of those actions and efforts. It is definitely a card that screams “you reap what you sow”. You realized staying focused on the prize will get you the prize. Staying focused on negative thoughts such as feeling less than, un-forgiveness, self-pity and blame will blossom more of the same going into the future.

With the Seven of Pentacles, it is an invitation to look at the bigger picture. As the saying from the 1975 cult movie, “Buckaroo Banzie” starring Peter Weir, “Wherever you go, there you are”. Translating into; “you are the constant in every life situation you had or will have.” You do not want to keep putting your heart and soul into something if you are never getting the rewards you want from them. Celebrate what you have created so far, if you are not satisfied with what you have created, start assessing what life focus YOU will have to change to get what you want for the future you? The Seven of Pentacles is often a reminder that all future desires come in divine timing.

When the Seven of Pentacles shows up reversed, your energy and focus is scattered all over the place. Second guessing, doubting if you will ever achieve your heart’s desire, being attached to a rigid outcome. Only YOU know from within what is right for you. When it feels right without doubt, regardless of how it looks to others, this is what is showing up for all your hard work of prayer, manifesting and knowing.

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In general, the Seven of Pentacles is showing you are getting ready to see the returns on your investment of releasing victim energy and feeling your power. So you can pat yourself on the back and say; “I” did that!”

Career, Love, Finances, Health, Spirituality

Career: Your job is more than likely producing the rewards of all the hard work and effort you have contributed to get ahead. What you will see unfold for you falls directly in proportion to the effort you have put in. Your finances will be getting better when this card shows up in the form of a raise or promotion or throwing your hat into the entrepreneur arena of watching your work efforts become completely self-contained in a new business venture.

Love: Where love is concerned with the Seven of Pentacles, regardless of the circumstances, the energy of “this is your reward for all the hard work you have done for yourself”, showing up in loving relationships. Love is like a big conveyor belt…. right time, right person, right circumstance and you have love and a relationship. Stay open to any and all possibilities of that big love showing up in a completely different package or circumstances than you expected.

Finances: This card is showing your finances are getting ready to get a big boost. It could be from an unexpected source but with the Seven of Pentacles, it’s more than likely something that you orchestrated are now receiving the rewards of that financial decision.

Health: The is the area that gets a little sticky as it is the absolute life rule of “you reap what you sow.” If you have been on a diet of processed fast foods, your body will start breaking down the excess sugar and fat as you age. If the bones hurt, digestion problems, hair falling out, skin looking gray; start addressing what you put into your body. If you take baby steps and slowly stop cutting out the fast food drive-thru and occasionally put some greens in your diet along with aging supplements, you will begin to see a marked difference for the better of how you feel. Having less colds, allergies, fatigue, etc. Be honest with yourself on how you see your health; always sick with something, just ok or feeling great most of the time?

Spirituality: When the Seven of Pentacles is speaking to you on this subject, without fail it is showing you that whatever effort you have put into life is exactly what you will be receiving back. Occasionally we get lucky and get a “Home Free” card that makes our life easier but the majority of all rewards you will see in your life is from your hard work and effort. Life is always in a reflective state; meaning nothing can come into your life that you do not have the qualities of.

Susan Z’s Verdict

We can get away with a lot of bullshit when we are young and stupid but it will inevitably catch up as you move into the Soul Window of realization that you are NOT going to be 25 forever and YES you are going to get old and die someday. That realization alone is a good start into thinking about what kind of legacy you want to leave behind and what kind of life you want to enjoy while you are alive.

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