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Loretta Lynch makes her final speech.

Loretta Lynch makes final speech.

Loretta Lynch makes her final speech.

Loretta Lynch addressed the congregation at Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church for her final speech as U.S. Attorney General. Harvard graduate Ms Lynch was nominated for this post by President Barack Obama on November 8, 2014. All Democrats and three Republicans were in favour of the appointment which was confirmed by the Judiciary Committee of the US Senate on February 26, 2015. Sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden on April 27 2015, Loretta Lynch is the second woman to hold this position.

During her speech she expressed concern that there may be a reversal of the progress made by Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement. The congregation was told that they should not take progress for granted and that there was still a long way to go, the price of freedom meant being continually vigilant. Ms Lynch said that on reflection, change was difficult but the work already done has been positive and this should be continued.

Any regrets? She admitted that there were regrets around her unscheduled meeting last year with former President Bill Clinton and the question of impartiality during Mrs Clinton’s email investigation. At the time she did express that she would accept the FBI’s findings.

Let’s leave the last word to Loretta Lynch, ‘What I have realized is I cannot guarantee the absence of discrimination or hatred or prejudice, but I can guarantee the presence of justice.’

Véronique’s Verdict

What’s next for Loretta Lynch? She drew the Five of Swords, the Two of Pentacles and the Two of Hearts.

The Five of Swords

This represents all that Loretta strived to eliminate in society. She understood that at times, negative situations had to be accepted and considered before experience could be used to enable positive growth. Loretta did not shy away from challenging situations.

The Two of Pentacles
This tells us that Loretta did make a difference when she offered assurances to the American citizens that justice would prevail. She gave best when she accepted the post of Attorney General and now her work here is done. Time to hand over to the next candidate.

The Two of Hearts
This reveals a heartfelt emotional exchange. I feel that it is time for Loretta to focus on her personal world and her more intimate connections.

Collectively, the cards show much growth. Although it is the end of an era, I don’t feel that Loretta will cease in her efforts for justice on behalf of others. She understands that it can feel like an ongoing battle and as long as she plays her part in educating others, positive growth will continue.


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